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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's great to be back

After having spent a couple days in Corpus Christi; it's good to be home back to my recliner, television, and catching up on all the insignificant things that took place while I was gone.  Our satellite dishes is experiencing problems picking up HD signals; now that's a significant problem but the technician promises he'll have it all fixed when he comes out ; that's between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00., At least I don't have to hang around the house because I gave them my cell number.

I took my iPad to Corpus Christi, so I could keep up with was happening in the world and especially in Victoria,Texas.... Due to the Thanksgiving holiday; traffic was slow on the Victoria Advocate online forum.  The moderators of the forum knew what topic would generate a lot of traffic and the usual suspects like waywardwind and Born2Bme accommodated.  The topic was the Dream Act and its pros and cons.  The Dream Act would allow children of illegal immigrants who have been in this country of least five years to attend college paying in state-tuition fees or serve in the military allowing the children an easier path to citizenship.  I've never known waywardwind or Born2Bme to read the actual legislation before posting their usual comments of not only NO but HELL NO. Born2Bme's (formally Suzy) husband was injured and in an automobile accident and she said illegal aliens were the fault; she's been vindictive ever since; at least for the last four years. The waywardwind is on record saying that he wouldn't mind it if the border patrol and the military would indiscriminately shoot anyone crossing the border.  He later modified that because he said some animals might get caught in the crossfire.Today, he and Born2Bme will wrap themselves around the flag emphasizing the word " citizen" to justify their reasoning.  I've been tempted many times to call them out for being superficial.  I saw where waywardwind might make an exception for those joining the military.  It's a win win for him; if they get killed in action; that's one less American that has to die and one less American that has to join.  A couple posters have made some good points but their views will be drowned out with the hate rhetoric and other nonsense. Born2Bme wondered what would happen if the unemployment benefits don't get extended and Americans have to take the jobs that the illegal immigrants are holding.  She obviously doesn't know what thing about economics' because this country would be in  dire straits if that were to happen because we have a DEMAND problem.  How could they consume making wages that are below their living standards?  She is always throwing out unsubstantiated material like illegal immigrants use more public services than what they pay into Social Security or sales tax.  She has yet to provide proof.  I can't discuss the negative aspects of the Dream Act because I have I would have to spend so much time debunking all the myths, exaggerations and lies.

There is a religion discussion going on between some intelligent posters like KyleC, free thinker and Jared.  It's been civil and quite informative but since religion is based on faith; in the end, a winner will not be crowned.

On the national front; the president met with the democratic and republican leaders and both came away saying it was an informative meeting.  Neither party has given an inch on the Bush Tax cuts but meanwhile, they voted against extending unemployment benefits.

It's great to be back.


Kyle said...

Hi Mike,

Always nice to see my handle mentioned! I slip up far too often in debating religion. I should always remember it can't really end in anything but a draw. It's just the tyranny of the few over the many thing that gets to me so I always jump in for the good fight.

Good to be following your blog, keep up the good work!


Mike said...

It's an honor to have you aboard,Kyle.

Keep up the good work because believe it or not, I have learned a lot from the religion discussions.They have been civil and often times researched..... I really enjoyed the discussions you had with maryann. In the five years I have been in the forum, you have been the only one to take and meet her challenge head on and lived to tell about it..:-)

Kyle said...

Thanks Mike! I'll take that as a compliment!