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Monday, December 6, 2010

What a way to start the week

I turned off my Blackberry yesterday morning to charge, and forgot about it, until this morning.  To my surprise, it kept alarming with e-mail notifications, when I turned it on.  I use the Victoria Advocate message notification.  The locals used my blog to vent, carry out old grudges, and Pilot made a couple of unflattering  comments: one to his nemesis,Writein, and the other one directed at anyone that thinks the president of United States actually governs.  He included me in that group.

I don't know what to make of Pilot's statement; does he think some unknown group pulled the strings for the last 12 presidents.  He never supplied any detailed facts.  I think that we've all heard of the Trilateral Commission conspiracy, and the other one about the 5 old white men, smoking cigars, drinking brandy, and calling the shots.  I suspect he's talking about Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, and Koch Industries replacing our democracy with plutocracy.  Then again it could be one of his weekend rants.  Pilot has been against Barrack Obama; even before he got the nomination.

A couple of posters commended John Lara for his viewpoints but as usual, waywardwind didn't stop there, because he wanted no part of the word racist...  It was laughable for him to emphasize that he was not republican and his views were moderate, but the trouble with this country is Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the liberal progressives.  He prides himself as being a constitutionalists, but he didn't say much when President George W. Bush circumvented the constitution and bragged about it.  He seems to think that the “mandatory clause" of the health care law is unconstitutional.  First, that part won't be enforced until 2014 and then the wording could change to make it a tax.  A couple of lower courts have already thrown out cases ,where plaintiffs have tried to call the health care law unconstitutional.  Writein continues to pour on the heat, trying to make him confess that he doesn't like Obama because the president is black...  I do know that waywardwind has not liked Obama since the get go, because of his middle name, Hussein.  I remember another poster (who has since left) had many fiery debates with him on this subject.  I do know that he hates Muslims. His past comments have led me to believe that.

As I suspected the GOP would prevent the democrats from passing any tax cut legislation, so it's now between the White House and the GOP leaders come up with a bipartisan plan.  The plan will probably include a two year extension of the Bush tax cuts in its entirety and an extension of unemployment benefits.  The GOP will call it a victory, the White House will make its usual excuse; "that was all they could muster." They played their hand months ago when they said they would be willing to negotiate.  You cannot negotiate with the party of NO. They seem to forget that the president still has that veto pen.

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