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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A busy week

I'm reading a fascinating book about the 1929 Great Depression and there are times when I have to turn back a few pages to make sure I'm in the right era.  There are so many similarities between our recent financial crisis and the great depression.  I remember when we were in the middle of the collapse of Wall Street when John McCain uttered those famous words that doomed his presidential candidacy" " the fundamentals of our economy are strong." The stock market crashed on October 29, 1929 and later became known as Black Tuesday...  On October the 25th of 1929, president Hoover said" the fundamental business of the country" being " on a sound and prosperous basis.  The wealth was concentrated at the very top like it is today.

I wrote a blog in the local paper yesterday about me being in " A Constant State of Confusion" because we keep hearing economists say that we need to get a house in order before we will be forced to.  A local blogger forcefully said that we need to go to some sort of national sales tax, to get everyone to pay because some do not pay any taxes.  He went onto say that unemployment compensation was a social program.  He was wrong on both counts, but he doubled down by saying the republicans reward the workers; while the democrats dole out social programs and reward the slackers.  Naturally, another right winger applauded his statement.  It went downhill from there, as one blogger suggested that we default and another came in with his free market fundamentalist theory backed by an economist, who believes that taxes and stimulus hurts the economy.  It took some brilliant researching by our local genius KyleC ,to put everything in perspective.  I'm afraid I haven't heard the last of it because he's probably researching all the right wing sites to contradict KyleC's posts.

I ordered a few things from Amazon recently and I was really impressed with their shipping.  I got the product in a couple of days.  I knew my daughters ordered quite a bit from Amazon; in fact they are the ones that convinced me to do my online shopping there.  I convinced them that we could share the Prime Membership fee of $79 and get free shipping for the rest the year.  It may take me a while and I eventually get there.  Their prices are actually cheaper than the  local Best Buy and Office Depot, so even though it might hurt our economy, I probably won't be shopping at those stores anymore.

I can't believe, we have to go all the way to Houston,Saturday just to buy some cornbread stuffing for Christmas dinner.  We have a picky family when he comes to traditional foods.  When my mother passed away, she took her dressing recipe with her and the family will only settled for what they perceive to be the closest to being like grandma's.  It's also that way for tamales, so now the Don Jose is temporarily out of business,it's gonna be a lot of taste testing before settling on tamales like grandma or use to make.

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