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Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday morning quarterbacks


One of the easiest things in life is to be a Monday morning quarterback; no pressure, just quote the obvious. The people who will give you their honest opinion will usually take all the flak if their information is wrong. We just don't hold anyone up for the truth, as long as it agrees with our opinion. I'm sick and tired of politicians making excuses, lying, and exaggerating issues that are very important. Our politicians won't sit down to discuss ways to reduce our deficit because of their ideological differences, which come before the country's needs. As Farred Zakaria said yesterday “we’ve got to be the only country in the history of the world that borrows money from its adversaries, to pay for tax cuts and wars for our citizens.”

Sarah Palin is the number one Monday morning quarterback because all she has to do is Tweet or enter her opinions on Facebook, and the news media has the administration's readymade opposing view. The media never vets her opinion; they just run with it. Legitimate presidential candidates like Mitt Romney write editorials for the New York Times, but it won't get as much attention. I love legitimate opposing views, and I will give credit when they are correct but many criticize just to be criticizing.

I have to admit that I don't have all the details, so I really shouldn't be criticizing the tax cut deal the president made with the republican leaders. He might have had is back against a wall like having to face a NO vote on all pending legislation in the senate. That's not Monday morning quarterbacking; that's standing up for principles. I think it's morally wrong to be giving millionaires and billionaires a tax cut when we need that money for infrastructure projects that will get our economy moving again. I was criticized for being against the tax cut package by a poster named itisi because we have to do what he called, and I quote “It is time for physical responsibility within the campus grounds of the United States Congress and including the President regardless of whom or what party is in charge." I didn't answer because I know that this tax cut is just a temporary measure (stimulus) and it probably is not fiscally responsible to tack on another $858 billion to the debt.

The red light controversy in Pt. Lavaca has seemed to die down, but we still have posters like Frank, itisi, and waywardwind injecting illegal immigration every chance possible. We recently had a DWI checkpoint where the police officers did fairly well finding numerous traffic violations, and they found a couple of illegal immigrants. It did take long for the connection to be made for those posters. It’s as if the illegal immigrants are running through and trampling their tomato gardens on a daily basis we are 232 miles from the Mexican border but these people act as if all the action is taken place in their neighborhood. They should be in a legitimate concern about illegal immigration but for them, it's an irresistible impulse to comment on the subject every day.


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