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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time for action... Not talk

Sometime last night a poster named Holly1 took issue with the fact that I requested that he posts elsewhere.  He asked if I was that thin skinned that I couldn't take criticism or opposing views.  Nothing of the sort, but it's getting a little old, looking at the same talk radio talking points substituting for facts.  Holly1 will post random thoughts and opinions that are not really based in reality.  He took issue that I called him a right wing Hannity wannabe.  He said that he was an Independent/ libertarian, whatever that means, but he did vote for democrat.  Holly1 quacks like a duck and flaps his wings like a duck; to me he's definitely a right wing duck.  After the presidential election; I vowed to not engage in the day-to-day  left /right attacks but I slipped a time or two.  Now, it's best for me to ignore the posters that want to engage in the nonsense.  I crave for different opinions and a civil debate on the issues because I realize there's pros and cons to just about everything.  I usually post my source when I'm dealing, with controversial issues and I normally expect my opponent to do the same.  Personal stories are just that and usually they cannot be verified.  There many times these posters such as Holly1 don't really want a discussion; they just want to disagree with what I write with a post that is not backed up with a source.  Most of time they come into change the subject as Holly1 did ;by bringing up the second amendment.  Where did that come from?  They are obsessed with the second amendment and they are the most paranoid people around.  They think there's an ATF agent behind every tree; trying to get their gun.

I see where born2Bme and Victoriabybirth have taken up the "Dream Act" again by posting unsubstantiated material to prove how worthless immigrants are.  They claim it's a drain on the system but neither take issue that in 1985 the top 5% of the wealthy in our country; took in $8 trillion of wealth and increased that amount by five fold by 2009 to $40 trillion.  Talk about a worthless discussion; neither know how expensive and unrealistic it would be to deport 12 million people.  I'm uncomfortable that we have 12 million undocumented people living amongst us but I don't feel a need to post a one-sided version and I have not seen a reasonable solution, other than attrition and deportation.  That's the right wing argument.  I'm for a comprehensive immigration reform plan that includes securing the southern border, updating our Social Security database, and an E-verify program that will eliminate the excuse American business people use to hire the undocumented.  The bottom line: the undocumented immigrants are human beings and they should be dealt and processed that way.

Our local conspirator found out that Catipillar Inc received a loan from the Fed,so what does that mean? OMG...They broke ground in Victoria ,TX  what are the consequences?BSspotter will be joined later with other conspiracy theories.Upfront they say they want Catipillar to succeed because it's popular to say ,but deep down they want it to fail ,so they can say "I told you so."

Here it is, a month after the election and our national leaders are still squabbling about giving tax cuts to the top 2%.  It doesn't seem to matter that our national debt is twice the size of our growth and  is still growing.  They don't seem to care that the private sector's is only creating 50,000 jobs a month but we need 250,000 jobs a month just to catch up to where we were before the crisis.  According to president Reagan's former budget director,David Stockman, we're going to create a global monetary conflagration by printing the money necessary to keep as going without raising taxes or making drastic budget cuts.  We have about $9 trillion dollars in the global economy but countries like Brazile ,China, France and Germany are rejecting the methods we are using to sustain our economy.  Our own bond market will make us raise interest rates and choke off our slow recovery if Congress does not sit down and take some productive measures.  We are in this for the long haul, so we might as well get used to it.

Try this link : Why did the Dems falter on Tax cuts

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