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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The same old GOP song and dance

Yesterday, I stated that "I was surprised that the last blog I wrote wasn't met with a lot of negative comments" but a poster named woofwoof hit me with both barrels yesterday saying that Obama just needed to limit unemployment to 26 weeks and unemployment would drop overnight to 5%...  Ordinarily, I would've ignored such nonsense but he said I was posting foolish nonsense.  I've tried my best to post a subjective view, backed up by statements from a conservative's conservative, president, Reagan's former budget director David Stockman.  Some people are only satisfied with what they hear on Fox News and talk radio.  Speaking of David Stockman; I was surprised that he made a guest appearance on Keith Olbermann last night.  He even said that President Bush's former communications director ,Dan Bartlett, should be ashamed for telling Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast that the republicans laid a trap for the democrats when he said ""We knew that, politically, once you get it into law, it becomes almost impossible to remove it,." "That's not a bad legacy. The fact that we were able to lay the trap does feel pretty good, to tell you the truth."....No, Mr. Bartlett you laid a trap for the American taxpayer.  Today, the senate democrats would try to rectify that but it's just going to amount to political theater.

Chris Matthews had a good discussion with President Reagan's son, Ron Reagan and Roger Simon about the brashness of today's Republican Party.  They will go for the jugular in a heartbeat and polls don't make them change their rhetoric.  Over 67% of the American people do not want the top 2% yet tax cut but the Republican Party is banking on the voters forgetting that sentiment, when they get their tax cut.  They don't have any qualms about calling the unemployed lazy and using racial dog whistle rhetoric.  Sarah Palin divides America as good America and bad America; meaning the rural areas are bad and the urban areas are where the good Americans reside.  In her acceptance speech, she demonized community organizers.  They do make a token effort to hide their agenda by saying they want all Americans to get a tax cut; explaining that leaving out the rich is just a form of class warfare.  Unfortunately, the democrats don't have any one to match their tactics; they always seem to be in a compromising posture and without getting rewarded for it.  That's why the president should wave that veto pen as a weapon to level the playing field.

Financial disclosures reported that "72 super PACs, all formed this year, together spent $83.7 million on the election. The figures provide the best indication yet of the impact of recent Supreme Court decisions that opened the door for wealthy individuals and corporations to give unlimited contributions. "....  I bet this piece of information won't get any play at all on Fox News and very little play in the mainstream media.

Well, that's my Saturday rant; now I can spend a relaxing afternoon catching up on my reading and I'm pretty sure my wife will throw in a little shopping for good measure.

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