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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is that the best you could do?....Really?

President Obama brokered a deal with the republican leadership to extend the Bush tax cuts in its entirety for two years; in return the republicans agreed to extend unemployment compensation for 13 months.  Two years for the top 2% to 13 months for those that are unemployed.  What a deal! There are some good things in the package such as payroll tax holidays, UI and other refundable credits but it comes with a cost.  The bipartisan commission on reducing the debt had a plan to reduce the debt by $4 trillion, this package adds another $1 trillion to that.  The package still has to go back to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, where they will make a little noise but will probably encourage their troops to pass this bill in its entirety.  I don't get it; an ABC News, CBS News, and Washington Post poll stated that over 65% of Americans did not want the top 2% to get a tax cut.  The American people sided with the democrats on this issue but they will vote against their wishes.  I can understand why the president did it, but it isn't making any easier to swallow.  The republicans would have let the tax cuts expire and would have won the message war by convincing the uninformed that the democrats raised their taxes.  The republicans are happy for now but they will still call Obama a socialist, liberal ,progressive even though he was instrumental in giving them exactly what they asked for.
This morning, Joe Scarborough tried to stroke the fire by saying that the president should go out and promote the package he just brokered, as it being good for America.  In the president's speech yesterday he'd said that he was adamantly opposed to giving tax cuts to the top 2% and making the Estate Tax more favorable but he was not willing to play politics with people's lives.  Taxpayers would have seen smaller checks starting in January, if a deal was not brokered. According to progressive economists, it won't stimulate the economy much.

The Tea Party is starting to make their move by asking Sarah Palin to be chairman of the RNC.  She said "thanks but no thanks" but does she know that it may  have been a move to remove her from being a presidential candidate?  Another tea partier suggested going back to a time where only property owners could vote.  Give them a little more rope and supply them with all the media coverage they want, so they can be exposed as the fanatic group that they are.  More and more mainstream republicans are going public with their displeasure that Sarah Palin might be considered a presidential candidate.

Pretty quiet on the local front but a blogger named Barry opened the door for immigrant bashing, on  a thread that was supposed to be about the Victoria College and the University of Houston bracing for more budget cuts.  Now, another poster named, Frank, is blaming liberals for complaining about the Victoria Police department's Operation Moody; I guess it’s because they caught a couple of illegal immigrants...  They don't need facts; their opinions outweigh any stinking facts.

Writein, continues to try and lecture the old people and those that post their opinions but never run for public office.  He continues to have a love fest with a despicable character named Matt Ocker, I guess that's because he ran for public office.  He even shamelessly left a link to his blog, so others can discuss the situation with him....  I have better things to do, than go beyond what I'm writing in this blog....Matt Ocker made daily racist statements and called then BigJ a boy with a little "b" and just because he ran for public office; all is forgotten and BigJ, now worships the ground he walks on...Go figure.

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BIGJ said...

Worship him I doubt it, Mike. I do not like or have any love of the man. I have ally myself with him about the State rep.