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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anger from the left and middle

I'm pretty sure the president intended to explain his reason for coming to agreement on a bipartisan framework of tax cuts.  He chose to lecture the democrats instead of the republicans.  The democrats did not like this one bit and several have vowed to not let the agreement see the light of day.  I haven't seen that much anger from democrats, toward a president of their own party since Bill Clinton supported NAFTA and Welfare Reform.  Bill Clinton was a centrist but president Obama is left of center, so I don't know why he chose  to anger his base.

The democrats have nobody to blame but themselves because this was a winning issue before the election but they were afraid to pull the trigger.  The republicans are trying to say that eliminating a tax cut to the top 2% is a job killing proposal....  The democrats should challenge that by saying they realize that there are some in the top 2% that are actually employers; they should have suggested that they would allow the Internal Revenue to make that distinction.  They would get a tax cut if they employed 50 people or more and paid salaries of $50,000 or more.  The republicans are winning with a simple message because everyone likes tax cuts and they know they can take advantage of that.

With a weather forecast of clear, with a low of 32 degrees tonight in Victoria ,Texas,  it will be a great time for some hot soup with apple pie and hot chocolate for dessert.  I have never lit the fireplace  because my wife is terrified of all the horror stories of a first time start-up..  I bet our northern friends are laughing at us. First, you are lighting up the fireplace when it's only 32° and why don't you have your fireplace cleaned on a yearly basis? My wife's cat,Pudge, likes to sit up on the top rung of his house so he can see the stray cats,  as they get into the boxes my wife sits out for them on cold nights.

Our daily newspaper had a story about a salon customer who said a stylist removed half of her eyebrow. The  Customer went onto say that the stylist found it pretty comical.  I don't know why this was frontpage material but our local posters are having a pretty good time, commenting.  A local lawyer said "Get references and understand that if you have a bad result with these kind of deals, there's probably not a whole lot you can do."...  References,really?  A poster who usually makes one line quips said "a sharpie marker will take care of her eyebrow and make it look better!"

This week ,a couple people who I admired died....  In my youth Don Meredith, then a quarterback for Southern Methodist University got me interested in college football.  Mr. Meredith went onto play for my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys.  I will never forget the story he told of how the broke the huddle, got behind the center, and forgot what the play was.  He received the ball from the center and threw it directly into the stands and then had to explain his reasoning to Tom Landry.  The other person was Elizabeth Edwards who fought terminal cancer with the dignity that we rarely see these days.  Even though she knew her prognosis, she continue fighting the good fight for Health Care reform and stood strong to the very end....  May they, both rest in peace.

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