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Friday, December 31, 2010

Just another Happy New Year blog

According to my watch, we have another 13 hours of 2010 to go. It was a memorable year because I used my Medicare card for the very first time, celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary, and for the most part, my wife, and I had a healthy year.
I don't usually make resolutions because I don't like lying to myself; I know that after 65 years I'm pretty much “what you see is what you get.” I do set goals and this year will be no different; although I did slip on a few, last year. My goals for this year are, as follow:
1…. I will try to be less argumentative on our local paper’s online forum.
2…. I will devote more attention to this personal blog.
3…. I will learn how to create and edit home movies.
4… I will make plans for our final vacation; hopefully somewhere on the East Coast.
5…. I will read 10 books in 2011.
I'm not in the prediction business, so I will not assume to know what will happen in 2011. Why would anyone put themselves up for ridicule by trying to predict the future?
My wife and I are still recuperating from last year's New Year's dance, so this year we're going to bring in the New Year, by relaxing and going to bed early. We'll still have a traditional new year's dinner of ham and of course black eyed peas for good luck.
I don't believe anyone ever says “Happy New Year” unless they sincerely mean, it.
Happy New Year Everyone.


Rebecca said...

Happy New Year to you! I TRIED to be argumentative over at the paper's online site, but no one would bite. =D

I'm going to hang out here more because I can add images and embed videos with ease. I think I'll only post over there if I have something coherent to share. I mean, check out my latest post here, it's a mess, but it's me.

Mike said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.I logged into Twitter and found out that you had your own blog...It's awesome and now I have one more goal...Improve my blog design and add some bids.

Edith Ann said...

Happy New Year Mike!

Just one question---when was someone going to let me know you were over here??? Rebecca, Kyle, Mike???

Well, seems I have a lot of catching up to do!

Mike said...

Happy New Year Edith Ann
It's an honor to have you as a visitor and especially a follower.
About 3 weeks ago Rebecca found me and a few days later KyleC.
I'm really just getting started ...This blog needs alot of work before my eventual departure from the's getting harder & harder to have a good discussion....

Edith Ann said...

You hung in longer than some of us!

I would so like to discuss more than local politics over at the Advocate forum, but the group that claims that Washington is being ruled by a Commie Nazi Tsar dictator doesn't see the parallel to the local stuff. They just want to spew FOX News talking points.

I will certainly venture forth on your blog. The ones who annoy me are not smart enough to find their way over here (perhaps that was my problem, huh?)

Don't worry, you'll be amazed at how quickly you have a following. I look at who folks are following (that's how I found this) and other's do the same.

Anyhow--I'm glad you're here!

Love the Austin blog, going to Costco--my FAVORITE store in the whole world. I wrote my Costco blog about getting a casket there.