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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A hyperbolic senate

Rachel Maddow cracked me up last night when she played clips of the senate passing several pieces of legislation in fast motion, to the theme of  the Benny Hill show. The senate still has the Start Treaty, which will likely pass, but the Dream Act and DADT will probably will not be voted on, in this lame duck session, but at the rate Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are going, nothing is impossible…Got to give Speaker Pelosi credit, she sent over 400 bills to the senate, where they went to die. Things are getting testy since Harry Reid is making the senate work during this holiday season.

I hope the democratic majority in the senate will get rid of the 60 votes rule required for cloture; Sen. Tom Udall has a plan to change the required votes for cloture to be the simple majority. The GOP set an all time record using the filibuster in this last legislative session, when they used it 79 times. I doubt that Mr. Udall will get republican support because their main goal is to make sure President Obama is a one-term president.
Yesterday, a poster who goes by the handle of Hictoria didn't like that I made a joke about the
future Speaker of the House, John Boehner, recent crying outbursts....He said he would rather have a person who cries because he cares more about America, than Nancy Pelosi. Do they really believe that crap?...He posted several cut & pastes to back up his point but they didn’t make any sense. The right-wing would have had run a clip of her crying in an endless loop.  After several rebuttals decided it was a complete waste of my time and broke it off had a weak moment for even arguing with Hictoria because he is a self-proclaimed secessionist, believes that the U.S. should default on our debt, and a shameless shill for the rich. He once said "we shouldn't do anything to anger the rich"......He is a prime example of a voter who votes against his self interest.

The senate finally passed the Bush tax cuts but the bill is being held up in the house..Senator Mitch McConnell is warning the house not to tinker with the bill..Like they will listen to him!

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