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Friday, December 10, 2010

Conspiracyville USA

Several months ago an investor came to our City Council and proposed buying an old eyesore located in our city park.  They offered to buy a pump house that has been idle for years, and renovating it to the tune of one million dollars.  The final project would be the only restaurant in our city park.  It is my understanding that the City Council sweetened the deal by offering to build parking spaces, which could also be used for the city's zoo.  Of course, the local conspirator, BSspotter, began throwing out charges of collusion and corruption between the City Council and the investor.  Just for good measure, he said that his candidate for City Council lost by 61 votes and if the deal of this corrupt deal would have been known back then, just perhaps his candidate, Jeff Williams, might have won.  He left out a little detail, Jeff Williams, lost because a local slumlord, James Wayne, contributed $5000 to his campaign. 
BSspotter's cabal is perplexed because the whole town is not up in arms.  Perhaps the good citizens are waiting for more detail; instead of just of taking the word of a conspirator who is so afraid that his property taxes might go up by 59¢.

BSspotter is a Ron Paulite, so his ideology prevents him from even imagining a joint venture between the private and public sector.  He's even tried to enlist a local blogger named Jared to divulge conversations that he might have had with the principles.  That's what I don't like about the transparency BSspotter is always calling for.  He wants to make public every rumor or unsubstantiated theories.  He jumps on every expenditure the city or the county makes; he takes out his calculator and posts what he thinks it will cost the taxpayer.  I've had several civil arguments with BSspotter, but they always end up with one of us walking away.  I suspect BSspotter's argument is more political because he's so afraid that Caterpillar Industries or the Pump House restaurant will become a success ,blowing his economic theories out the window.

It's not often that I even pay attention to city matters but our local paper covered the situation and the comments' section of the Victoria Advocate online forum makes it hard, not to have an opinion but this blog allows me to vent my frustration instead of making a fool of myself and waste a good bit of my time by making a comment on the subject.  There is the one comment then several rebuttals.  There, as a local poster likes to say “I’ve said it."

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