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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post Black Friday

My wife couldn't stand it anymore, so she took Pudge (her 2 yr. old male Persian cat) to the vet for a second opinion.  The vet kept Pudge, overnight to give him a full urinalysis to see why he's having urinary tract problems.  It will take a load off us after we find out what his problem is, so we can take steps to fix it once and for all.

I'm about midway into the book I reading about the financial crisis of 2008: titled " All the Devils are Here" So far, I have learned the role Fannie and Freddie played, then the roles of the predatory lenders, and I've just completed the roles of the three bond rating firms and how they sold their integrity, just to stay competitive.  For good measure, Michael Moore's " Capitalism: A Love Story" brought out the visuals needed to complete the puzzle.  We have been tricked into accepting plutocracy over democracy.  It started in the 1980s with President Ronald Reagan demonizing the role of government and unions, and replacing it with the love of capitalism.  Don't get me wrong, capitalism was at its best when the rich were in high income tax brackets and the unions bargained for good working conditions and a decent wage with benefits.  Capitalism that favors the rich will create what we have now, a consumer base maxed out on their debt, just to buy the essentials.

As we were going to HEB this morning, I noticed that we will be getting an indoor flea market.  Now, that's an entrepreneur that will probably make good in a depressed economy.  Word is out on the street that all the local industrial plants are at full capacity or will be after scheduled maintenance; perhaps that's a sign of recovery.

Now, comes the time of getting out the old Christmas tree, checking out the lights, etc.  and calling the grandsons to the help out, while they're still young and don't see it as a chore. The oldest one is probably going to try to impress his girlfriend's parents, so we'll have to work around

This will probably be my last blog until Wednesday of next week because I will be in Corpus Christi, Monday and Tuesday; attending a scheduled seminar.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

We just got some good news a few minutes ago, Pudge's urine analysis did show a few crystals but it can be taken care of with a high dosage of antibiotics. The vet jokingly asked that we pick up Pudge because his antisocial howling is disturbing the other patients.... Not to worry, as soon as my wife got the good news, she was already putting on her coat and looking for her keys; picking him up was never going to be an issue.