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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not the way it used to be

It was great hearing from a conservative blogger name arlewill... I have maintained a good relation with him throughout the years I've been on the Victoria Advocate online forum. It used to be that way when I started; your politics took second place to the substance you were writing about. We used to wish one another, a happy holiday and congratulated one another for anniversaries, birthdays, and other monumental events. I think it was because we understood where the lines were and didn't feel the need to try to denigrate anyone who disagreed with us. Today, if you don't take its stance, posters will try to change a subject of the blog to a message they want to post and they have no qualms when it comes to attacking those with a different point of view. It's just a copycat version of cable TV.

A relatively new blogger named lesleywood invited the community to hear Islamic scholar Riem Spielhaus, so people can get a different perspective from our Muslim neighbors and friends point of view. It was not surprising that the only responses she received were from the same old Islamophobes; recycling the same talking points from the right wing media sources they receive it from. A poster named rollingstone submitted a link from a conservative conspiracy site called "The Free Republic "and waywardwind thanked him for It'll be interesting if lesleywood responds or simply chooses to ignore them.

The democrats and republicans are fighting amongst themselves for control of their party's direction, but they have yet to set down to talk about the country's problems. I can't believe George Soros and James Carville are giving president Obama a hard time. I agree with James Carville because he said the message should be “These irresponsible, greedy people got us into this mess and we are the only thing between you and them, and we are fighting every day,"in talking about the GOP.. It looks like the unemployed will be having a bad Christmas because their unemployment benefits will not be extended.

What's the world coming to,on one hand the GOP does not want to ratify a nuclear arms treaty with Russia but Governor Rick Perry wants the United States to send troops into Mexico if necessary..What duh?


Rebecca said...

No, it's not the way it used to be, but you and a couple of other "regulars" are what's good about it. =D

Mike said...

Thanks a lot... Made my evening..:-)

It looks like Jared's first attempts to make every poster identify with full name, rank and service number is not too popular but I don't think we have heard the last of it.

It does a really matter any more; I see what you mean; it feels good to vent and get out all your frustrations on a blog; without repercussions..:-)

Continue being a good blogger; that should not be hard for you because it's in your nature.

Have a good one