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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silly things we worry about

It's hard to believe that we are already approaching Thanksgivings; the turkey is already being defrosted; the refrigerator is full of food ingredients; and my wife is constantly complaining about keeping the house clean.  Where did this year to go?

I posted by last blog for November and I probably won't be paying much attention to the Victoria Advocate forum unless a really good discussion breaks out.  Right now I'm content reading " All The Devils are Here." This book is about the hidden history of the financial crisis; it starts in the 1980s describing the roadblocks that needed to be dismantled by the financial firms in order to perpetrate the biggest scam of the  financial markets in my lifetime.  I hope to finish it sometime by mid December, so I can post a summary of my analysis.  It could be my imagination but I think rollingstone will make an all out effort to try to discredit everything I post about the financial crisis because it contradicts what Glenn Beck and others are preaching.  They wanna make it solely about Fannie and Freddie because of its ties to our government and its intervention into the commercial market.  I don't have any skin in the game, so my analysis will not protect Fannie and Freddie nor will I protect the financial commercial markets.  I realize that my summary is just that, but I think I will be able to answer the line by line critique,that I expect.

I can't believe we're getting all huffy about a pat down at the airports that only about 2% of the passengers have to go through.  The only way, you would go through that pat down,is if you refuse to go through the scanner.  The TSA will eventually work all this out but our attention should be on North Korea right now.  Last night they shelled a South Korean island killing two Korean Marines and injuring several civilians.  We need to find out if this was an act of aggression, a power play to get attention,or a calculated act for some other means.  This is where remaining on friendly terms with China comes in handy because they are the only country in the world that has any influence over the North Korean dictator.  We should remain on alert because it's a dangerous world out there.  That's the reason I think it's ridiculous that the GOP is playing politics with our nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia.  This is not a time for games or partisanship.

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