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Friday, November 19, 2010

Austin here we come

I'm now ready for a great Saturday away from my home city of Victoria. We plan to head straight to IKEA in Round Rock to buy something my wife says WE really need. We will then come back to Austin to finish shopping at Costco and Barton Springs Mall. All the places of destinations are now programmed in the GPS system. On our way out and we will stop at the Catfish Parlour to eat and after that, my wife will drive us home, while I read a good book. So far; sound like a good plan but like all good plans;subject to change.;-)

It looks like lesleyawood is handling herself pretty well; especially with the controversial subject that she posted. I only wish she would have challenged rollingstone's comments, such as the Middle East war turning into a nuclear war and the McVeigh incident had Middle Eastern ties. Both statements are false but he does that; it's a tactic they use at Fox News... Just put the outrageous statements out there; hopefully someone won't notice. I would've also challenged the number of incidents attributed to radical Muslims because “FreeRepublic .Com" is not a legitimate source.Now, rollingstone is pulling out the race-victim card again, which is code for " allow me to post all my racial rants without being called on it." Hictoria,just came in and took the cake with the stupidest response I've heard in a long time.He said "why I should understand why you choose to believe in this faith that is obviously infested with terrorist followers. I should not feel sorry for Muslims that cannot police their own religion."..KyleC weighed in with his usual intelligent response but the haters are too dumb to comprehend what he saying. Leseyawood continues to tactfully answering the posters in a respectful way.I hope it works for her.

I've been posting on the Victoria Advocate online forum for about five years and during that time I've made my share of mistakes but it wasn't hard to come back and apologize; quite the contrary, it made me feel better. There was at one time where a known troll named, Roy Mark, used it against me time and time again by informing every new poster of the mistake I made. He even re posted it along with my apology. I learned a lesson of being extra careful of not making a mistake because an apology can backfire, if you make it to the wrong person..... There are about four posters who will never apologize, even if you prove them wrong. Their job is to promote or support their agenda by hook or crook... That works on the Advocate but I have full control with this blog. I don't have to worry about getting deleted or holding things back.... I will continue to entertain opposing views but a civil discourse will be mandatory.. I promise to hold up my end.

I'm left in the dark about some issues that my fella Victorians have with our public officials and shenanigans they might be involved in. I never see a shroud of evidence but instead a one-sided hypothetical; I guess I just have to take the wait and see approach.

I can't believe what I'm hearing from Sarah Palin; it's not that I put much stock in what she says but it now seems that she is eliminating tactfulness and reality. First, she told Barbara Walters in one her rare lame stream media interviews that she thought she had a legitimate shot at beating president Obama in 2012. Now, in her new book,(ghostwritten I'm sure) she is taking another shot at Michelle Obama by saying "Certainly his wife expressed this view when she said during the 2008 campaign that she had never felt proud of her country until her husband started winning elections. In retrospect, I guess this shouldn't surprise us, since both of them spent almost two decades in the pews of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church listening to his rants against America and white people.".... Why would she say that? Is to sell the controversial book or tactics for a presidential run in 2012? It could be both.

That's about it for now; hopefully I'll be around next week to vent a little more..:-)

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