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Monday, November 22, 2010

It's the same old stuff

I wasn't surprised that my carefully planned itinerary went by the wayside, when my wife saw a Container Store on the way to our destination.  Just inside that little strip mall; she found several other stores she had to tryout.  That's OK, because we didn’t really need to go to Barton Creek Mall because the stores out on Research Boulevard got the job done.  I got to read my Austin American Statesman; now my batteries are fully recharged.

I read through some of threads on the Advocate forum, which further reinforced my intentions to withdraw slowly.  We haven't advanced much past the usual left and right squabbles; in fact there's a poster the calls himself SpeakUp1968 that likes to make all the threads about the superior Republican Party.  Writein (Big J) had his usual spats with those he suspected of carrying on a racial agenda.  I'm surprised, he let legion357 get away with his post that stated "Well BigJ, if you want to go there, as a percentile of the total population, 28% black slave owners/ 1.5% white slave owners per the 1860 census."....  That's not the point at all, it really doesn't matter how many slave owners were residing in the United States; the point is, a large percentage of American citizens accepted the fact that we held fellow human beings, in bondage for over 300 years and didn't do much to stop it....  It wasn't until the Civil Rights act of 1965, that we recognized the need for equality.  It's a dark part of our history that we shouldn't try to trivialize.  We shouldn't dwell on it either; we should try to move beyond and not post idiotic percentages try to justify it.

The Sunday talk shows didn't really address the issues to get this country back on a financial foothold.  They did a lot to promote Sarah Palin's new book and nonchalantly reported that we will stay in Afghanistan until 2014.  I was very surprised that “Meet the Press had a newly elected congressman, Allen West, who has not been sworn in by the way, as a guest.  That is lowering the bar, as far as credibility but were they hoping for something controversial?

My Victoria advocate blog on the financial crisis of 2008, that I posted today, was quickly contradicted by rollingstone....  He wanted to make sure that he got his partisan cut and paste, about Fannie and Freddie....  Right wing conservatives have a vendetta against Fannie and Freddie because it goes against their laissez faire mindset ,that the government should not ever interfere in commercial ventures.  I don't know why they don't just write their own blogs like Kenneth used to do....  I don't know why they  continue to marginalize my statements without supporting evidence.
It's Monday morning, perhaps things will pick up then I'll have more to write about, later.


Anonymous said...

Yea, you do love to talk shit about people behind their backs don't you Mike?

Actually I tend to mostly stay clear of the purely political articles unless they are just way off in left field (no pun intended).

You call me closed minded and and that I get my information from filtered sources. Boy is that EVER the pot calling the Kettle, Black!

You are as closed minded as they come.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is Speakup1968, I had to post Anon because I don't have wordpress, or any of those other choices

Mike said...

I guess you can say I'm talking behind your back but that can be said of anyone I mention;good or bad....That's the purpose of a blog...You are free to counter with a blog of your own...Do I have an unfavorable opinion of you? You bet I do and you have given me reason.

Thanks for dropping by and believe it or not;I glad you commented.