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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving thoughts

I love Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Eve just as much as I love the actual holidays because relatives and friends usually show up or call on those days because for some reason or another ,we will not be able to get together for the annual events. This is my wives' " hair on fire day"  we will be out shopping for those last minute items and buying that special treat; just in case a relative shows up unexpectedly.  I remember having to drink Uncle Joe's six pack of lone Star beer because that's the only beer, he will drink. Uncle Joe always calls and promises to come by but rarely does.  We're the old folks now, so the nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren will come by; some on their way to their in- laws and parents house.  It's funny how dinner will be ready to eat around 12:00 and everyone is around the table waiting for their turn to tell us something interesting.  After dinner everyone breaks into little groups to catch up. At around 2:00 we all meet in the living room as our guests prepare to leave and give their long goodbyes, so they can make it to their home for the 3:00 Dallas Cowboys kick-off.  There was that time when I had to turn on the game; pause it for about an hour, because of an extra long visit by couple of our relatives, who were not football fans.

I had a rare satisfying moment yesterday; when I finally stood up to a  poster that  goes by the screen name of rolllingstone.  As I expected; he came out to discredit some minor statements I made, and posted his version of  the events that led to the 2008 financial crisis.  I realize that I will get an obnoxious rebuttal now and then but this whole year it's been the same posters.  Look up the comment history of rollingstone,observer,jbj, and itisi and you will see that about 90% of their comments are negatively aimed at me.  I'm interested in discussions not ad hominem attacks on a daily basis.  Perhaps I'm choosing the wrong venue to write about political events, as I see them.  I still enjoy the political discussions I have with arlewill, justataxpayer,Legion357,holein1,Writein, and even Hictoria because we never resort to name -calling and we seem to have that sense of  awareness of where that line is,so as of yet,we have never crossed it.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

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