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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Will it ever get better?

Some of the locals had given up on the issue of whether non-citizens should vote. It could just be a temporary ceasefire... The waywardwardwind used a double adjective, liberal, progressive, democrats, in order to blame them for the issue. I have not seen this issue on the docket nor in any other major publications but it still generates a hateful, meaningless discussion. I think WendyMiller22 has seen the light; knowing that it doesn't matter how civil she is; her opposition will be relentless to prove her wrong. They don't have any boundaries.The ceasefire lasted till mid afternoon when SpeakUp1968 made his appearance to give his ultra conservative view and waywardwind followed by mocking the post of wendymiller22.... This should open the door for their cohorts let the merry-g-round comments begin.

On the national front, the republicans are going after each other as a media predicted. Yesterday, Senator Jim DeMint scored a big victory over majority leader elect Mitch McConnell by acquiring the votes necessary to ban earmarks. Senator Jim DeMint and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman are stepping up as de facto tea party leaders, saying they will be willing to compromise with the administration; even though they don't have leadership roles within the Republican Party. Yesterday, the eventual Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski said "Sarah Palin doesn't have the intellectual curiosity, necessary to be president of United States."... Ouch.

A blogger named Jared is quietly going after the local conspiracy theorists and a blogger who spends way too much time creating elaborate spreadsheets to present a one sided hypothetical of conspiracy. Jared might not be going after them intentionally because he is noncontroversial but he is doing it in a very subtle way by presenting facts.As I suspected, BSspotter (Master conspirator)answered Jared by submitting several links to try and prove his conspiracy... If Jared answers, he will have a long day. I couldn't resist any more; I gave my 2¢ worth and of course a couple posters let me know how wrong I

Until next time or something else gets my attention today; I bid you a good day.

Come on now, the first to sign up because I'm not going to shamelessly advertise my blog on the Victoria Advocate forum.

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