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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now What?

The pundits were quick to point out that the Republicans had lost the shutdown battle last night, but did they? Those tea party members will be hailed as heroes in their districts,so the only losers are the 800,000 federal employees who will be furloughed.Some will say "well those are just some lazy bureaucrats" and that's okay until you need them to sign you up for Social Security or other government services.RepublicanCongresswoman,Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee was bragging about the shutdown this morning. She said we will see how we can get by with less government. Tell that to the families of the furloughed federal employees. 

Joe Scarborough came in a little grumpy this morning because he knew he had to face people who did not agree with what the Republicans did last night.The feisty Joe Scarborough, got upset when his cohost Mika Brezinski told him that the Republicans we're scared that once people started signing up for the exchanges,they would like and repeal would no longer be an option. Joe disputed that assumption saying that Republicans were united in thinking that this health care plan would bankrupt our country.

After listening to all the reasons Republicans gave for not liking Obamacare; I came to the conclusion that they think this is just another welfare program.A whopping 95% of Republicans do not like Obamacare,so it's reasonable to assume that one of the  major reasons they oppose it coincides with their dislike of President Obama. The Tea Party does not like government (even thou many are on Social Security and Medicare),so a shutdown is a moral victory to them.

They propose delaying the implementation of the law for year but that's just another way of trying to destroy the healthcare law. they keep saying that the president made concessions for big business but that's not true. Well  over 95% of big businesses provide healthcare for their employees. The small business delay  is about 4% of the of the law. The individual mandate is a major piece of the Affordable Care Act because if this is going to work, a lot of young healthy people need to sign up to offset the cost of those people signing up with pre-existing conditions.

When all other efforts failed ,the House Republicans send the Senate a bill to setup a conference to settle the differences. That was funny because there was only about 20 minutes on the clock; besides they turned down the Democrats 18 times when they suggested a conference months ago. Republicans have never figured out that you don't get major concessions in a 45 to 75 day bill meant to keep the government open.

CNN tried to make a big deal out out of the fact that  President Obama was not negotiating with John Boehner . They said the president was golfing this weekend and Harry Reid sent the senate home. What would the president get in a negotiation? The GOP is offering to keep the government open if he meets their demands; never mind the fact that it's congresses job to keep the government open.

So many are longing for the days of budget deals like the ones between Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan but that's before the Tea Party and 24/7 television. Last night John Boehner mocked the president on the House floor.That's unheard of, because telephone calls between the speaker and the president are usually kept private. 

The best outcome would be to pass a clean 75 day day spending bill and an agreement to raise the debt limit. They could then go to conferance and hash out a one year budget. They could have a separate committee to work out the flaws in the Affordable Care Act. 


Mike said...

We can do something...Blake Farenthold voted with the Tea Party and he's up re-election in 2014.

born2Bme said...

From what I've heard from FOX-watching republicans, what they fear is not getting into the doctor the instant they want.
Nevermind that they are actually saying, "screw the little people and their health, just do not inconvenience me". Some real Christians there (roll eyes).
If the GOP really thought it was a bad thing, they would let it go forward, fail, and prove to the American people that the Democrats are stupid and cannot be trusted with anything. They are actually afraid that it is going to work and be liked by the people that vote Democrat.

Edith Ann said...

When are people going to understand the ACA does not mean EVERYONE in America has to get new insurance? When are folks going to understand if you have insurance, and are happy with it you do nothing? When are people going to understand that you can shop around if you want and change providers? When are people going to understand that if you purchase insurance, you are purchasing it from an insurance company, not the federal government?

There are just some folks who are entirely too stupid to be allowed on the plant!

By the way--I love how Eugene handled Joe this morning!

Edith Ann said...


Mike said...

Story is ,a lot legislators were drinking over the weekend and last night, while still on the job.
That may account for the bills that they sending to the

A few month ago John Boehner met with senate leaders in private talks,to make sure that their staff would keep the employer contribution . Then the GOP voted to take away the employer contribution for their over worked,underpaid staff just to show off to their base.

I hear you ,they will take food stamps away from children and the working poor and then get on television and say that they are taking care of the poor by not allowing them to sign up for private insurance.

Mike said...

Eugene Washington did back down one bit,as he explained to Joe,how the cow ate the cabbage....:-)

born2Bme said...

Yep!! This is it in a nutshell:

Mike said...

2.8 million people have visited since midnight...another 81 K have called and 60 k have requested live chats ...Sorry Tea Party(not really)

Website has crashed and that's a good thing; means a lot of people are interested in getting insurance.

born2Bme said...

Mike, it could be Tea party sabotage too.

Mike said...

There's always that possibility (no doubt) but I'm not greedy..I'll take 80% ledgitment inquires,,,,:-)

Edith Ann said...

I don't know about sabotage, but you know there are plenty of republicans who are shopping. I know folks are anxious to get their quotes and coverage, but seems like many would have just waited a few days. (Maybe they have?)

Mike said...

Interesting and I suspect there are several stories like that despite the polls that show 95 % of Republicans are against ACA. I think a lot of people want health insurance despite their politics,

I heard one GOP Rep.say that people wanted to stay on their company's plan even thou they might find a cheaper better plan on the exchanges.

Last night a late night host asked several people if they preferred;Obamacare or The Afforable Care Act and all loved ACA....:-)Goes to what born was saying,the GOP has successfully poisoned the well...That's fixing to change.