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Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to the Rest of the Year

This morning’s CNN poll revealed that 54% of Americans say “it’s bad for the country that the GOP controls the House of Representatives, "Sixty-three percent of all Americans think that Boehner should be replaced as Speaker of the House, a view shared by roughly half of all Republicans." The Tea Party ignores those numbers as liberal media propaganda because the real Americans reside in Texas and the rest of the southern states.  Ted Cruz got a hero’s welcome at an event in San Antonio yesterday, and he can expect the same when he visits Iowa Friday.

Yesterday, an agitated Marco Rubio used little revisionist history to explain to Chris Wallace why he voted to keep the government closed and default on our debts.  He used the standard GOP line of today, “the president and Harry Reid shut down the government.”  I’ve actually heard republican legislators say how bad it was to vote for default while the records show that they voted for default.  We’re supposed to learn the lessons and move on to regular order but if one party has not learned their lesson; history is bound to be repeated.

Today’s two major themes of “Morning Joe” was the failure of the roll out and the internal rifts between the two factions of the Republican Party.

The House of Representatives is convening an investigation into the failures of the healthcare website, as if they had a genuine concern of its success.  Fair enough, it should be investigated and Kathleen Sebelius should testify, although she says she is too busy right now.  Chris Wallace pointed out three times that she is not too busy to attend a Boston gala.  The number one question will be “how many have signed up?” As soon as that anticipated low number is revealed, fox news and other media outlets will feature that as a “breaking news” segment.

Tea Party America is separate from the rest of United States, and they are proud of it.  Ted Cruz portrays himself as speaking for America, although he’s not well-liked by non -tea party folks. Today’s tea parties are really just libertarians who infiltrated the established GOP and have now decided that they want to rule it.  The old guard used to have all the money from the RNC and rich donors, and they would use it to support the next in line.  That changed after the Citizens United ruling which allowed unlimited secret contributions.  The Tea Party now has a money source of their own (Koch Bros), and they are the grassroots folks who lick the stamps, do the mailing calling, and the other little things the country club Republicans won’t.  Fox News and talk radio allows them to spread their message, and that’s why you won’t find mainstream Republicans bad mouthing Rush Limbaugh and others of his ilk. This is nothing new because libertarians tried to take over the GOP in 1964; Goldwater lost badly, and they were put out to pasture. The mainstream GOP will eventually win over the Tea Party, but they might lose congressional seats and the 2016 presidential election in doing what needs to be done. The Tea Party are right wing purist who really believe in tiny government (although they are recipients of government funding) hardly any taxes and very little regulations. They have a hard time winning state wide elections because they have to cater to people who believe in conspiracy theories and have a hate for our current president.

The right is doing all it can to change the talk of the shutdown because they want the subject to the Obamacare rollout, the debt and Benghazi.



born2Bme said...

Doesn't matter how many times a person tries to cover up a stink. When it stinks, it stinks.
The Tea Party stinks and would be the cause of a downfall of America if they got their way completely. A Country this size cannot run on less government than Americans have come to expect to make their daily lives easier...even the tea party.

Mike said...

Exactly,that's the point...For 30 years we've heard that "government is the problem ;not the solution" and President Obama is doing his best to dispel that myth....Government is not always the solution but it's certainly part of the equation.

I still don't know why someone wants to run for an office that they hate unless they want to sabotage it from the inside. You know like privatizing everything for their cronies.

born2Bme said...

They haven't even realized that with less government, there is less need for Congressmen. How about 1 of each party, from each state? Think that is enough to handle the size of government they are aiming for? They are basically trying to put themselves out of a job but are too stupid to realize it.

Mike said...

The Republican congressional committee will use the hearings to score political points; fair enough. The president said, “It’s the website, not the law that is flawed” and that’s should be what the Democrats should stick to. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel offered a good idea. The WH should assign a spokesman to give weekly updates with a lot of detail. This does a couple of things. It puts pressure on those working on the website, and it gives the media something to report other than the all negativity the congressional hearing will produce. Kathleen Sebelius will attend the congressional hearings.

The real problem is the senate where each state has two senators regardless of the size of the state. That should be balanced in the House but right now it's gerrymandered.

Edith Ann said...

Is it just me, or is Brenda Cash, republican, Shiner a little deluded as to the truth?

Mike said...

Oh,she's there...:-)