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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back to Where I Started


I decided to give our on line forum another try because as you can see I can’t resist answering those annoying letters to the editors that have no basis in the truth.

I’m not giving up this personal blog, and occasionally I will duplicate the material, so those who don’t want to comment at the VA will still have the chance to generate a discussion right here. I haven’t seen many people comment on those blogs at the VA.

Some people say Facebook is addicting, and I can relate to that because I just can’t shake my blogging addiction. I guess it’s because I watch are all those political shows, and I need a release from all the frustration.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll do much commenting because that will eat up hours. I suspect a subject that I can’t resist will come along..Smile

Maintaining two blogs will be a chore, so your suggestions for a blog subject will be most welcomed.


Mike said...

Senator Durbin said a member of GOP leadership told the president that he couldn't stand to look at him. The WH denied it happened and John Boehner said it did not happen but this one time when I going to side with Senator Durbin.....I just have this feeling because I don't think the senator would lie about something like this.....I think the WH just wants this to go away..What do you think?

born2Bme said...

To me, that is a compliment. It means that President Obama didn't roll over this time. The GOP looked bad this time...more so than at other times.
Of course, the WH wants this to go away. It's taking the spotlight off of more important things.

I won't be commenting on your blog at the VA. Can't risk getting attacked again and it turning into something you don't want.

Damned the VA for turning it into a FB fiasco.

Mike said...

That’s a good point and one that I had not considered.

I was thinking that with the allure of the White House, it would take someone with a lot of stored up hate to blurt out those words.

I do agree the WH, and President Obama have become immune to these actions (Joe Wilson’s “you lie” comment) and probably want to move on, but those are some serious allegations for two reasons.

1.Senator Durbin’s credibility is on the line.
2.Whoever said it should be exposed.

I understand your resistance to post at the VA and I share those same feelings and that's why I held out for so long...This is just another experiment.

Mike said...

The alleged incident took place in the throes of the government shutdown, when Obama was meeting with different factions of lawmakers to try to find a resolution to the debacle. The White House aide told Democratic leaders that the lawmaker who couldn't stand to look at the president was Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Rules Committee, the two senators told HuffPost.

Mike said...

That's weird; I can read the comment I post at my VA blog using Explorer, but it's not visible using Firefox.