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Monday, October 7, 2013

A good example of what's wrong with the GOP

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a news anchor knows more about what’s going on than a sitting senator.  In that video, Rand Paul, said that we are taking in $250 billion, and the interest on the debt is $20 billion, so technically if we pay that, then we’re not in default.  That logic will be accepted by the followers of Thomas Sowell and Fox News, but it’s very irresponsible. Senator Paul doesn’t factor in missed Social Security payments, interest rates going up, the spooking of the markets, the feeling of uncertainty or the downgrade of our credit rating. Representative Michelle Bachmann tried to use that flawed logic in her failed presidential run in 2011.

Samantha Guthrie should replace David Gregory as the host of “Meet the Press” because she was just as tough on Treasury Secretary Lew.  We should be able to learn something from the Sunday talk shows and not just listen to the prepared message of the day.  At least, she put in a good effort in trying to extract information but even her best effort couldn’t get Rand Paul to comment on his “open MIC moment.”

Speaker Boehner said the president knows his phone number, so he could call anytime he wants to start the negotiations.  In the 2011, I remember John Boehner refusing to take the president’s call and Eric Cantor walking out of a negotiating process.  I imagine. John Boehner could call the president if he knew what he wanted.  First, it was about defunding Obamacare, and then it was about delaying the individual mandate. When those two were defeated, they offered a piece meal approach, and today they want to talk about the deficit and the debt for passing a two-month CR. If the president agrees to that, we’ll go through the same process two with three more times before the 2014 election.  In the meantime, the GOP is not offering the democrats a single thing. The GOP has a laundry list of demands for opening the government. 

The TV hosts could go home and just play a rerun of last week’s talking points and we wouldn't miss a thing.


Edith Ann said...

Samantha Guthrie would be a great replacement for Gregory!

Mike said...

BTW..President Obama has to be the worse Muslim ever..:-) Over the weekend our Special Forces (on president's orders) captured an al Qaeda leader responsible for the bombing of one of our embassies in 1998. Thy also carried out attacks against the Muslims who attacked the mall in Somalia....That was OK ,but Peter King was angry because they still haven't brought in the ones responsible for the Benghazi attack. What is it about Benghazi?

Mike said...

Well she got a lot of tweets praising her for how she conducted the interviews...Leave to a woman,to not settle for "talking points."...:-)

Rand Paul must've prepared for David Gregory because he sure was left flabbergasted.

Edith Ann said...

That's my question--What IS it abut Benghazi? Why are the republicans madder at President Obama than they are at the ones who carried out the assault? You know they never mention getting at them, they just want to get at Hillary Clinton (gotta knock her out of the presidential race, you know)and President Obama!

Mike said...

Chris Matthews has a part in this book about the bombing of our barracks in Beirut on President Reagan's watch. Tip O'Neill who was House Speaker then, assembled the Democrats and warned them against talking about Pres. Reagan. He told him that they didn't have to worry about the Republicans because he would come after them and make their lives a living hell.

Benghazi is like Obamacare, no taxes,the IRS, abortion,government and the president; it's scrub, rinse and repeat..... Absolutely right they can extend Benghazi to Hillary Clinton.