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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Can Wendy Davis win?

Texas Monthly said that there's better chance that water will run uphill than Wendy Davis beating Gregg Abbott. Dan Rather said that right now he wouldn't bet the trailer on it. Texas is a deep red state and 70% of registered voters are Republicans. An uphill battle for sure but I'm a bit   more optimistic because the first poll after both declared candidacies had Abbott ahead by eight points 29-21. The number that stuck out like a sore thumb was the 50% undecided. 

Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott is as far right as one can get. Dan Rather said Abbott makes Rick Perry look like a liberal and Ted Cruz like a moderate. His campaign has already called Wendy Davis the " gun hating abortion Barbie. " The Greg Abbott campaign has a lot of money, and they will use it to run one of the costliest and nastiest campaigns that Texas has seen in a very long while. Don't feel sorry for Wendy, because her campaign will have enough money to compete, and she's not a human piƱata. 

It's going to be a nasty election with the locals endlessly posting the latest negative material they find on the Internet. I was proud that the two representatives for the local Democrats, Laura Kinnison and Jane Bernal chose to give their reasons for voting for Wendy  rather than to go after the opposition with negative remarks. Michael Cloud, chairman of the Victoria County GOP said " Wendy Davis has been recognized by independent sources as one of the most liberal senators in Texas. As opposed to a right wing tea party candidate? The GOP county chairman also said "she may do well to represent a party which seemed increasingly intent on advancing an agenda counter to principles found in our nation's Constitution." Republicans continue to think that they are the gatekeepers of the principles found in our nations constitution. Randy Mahoney asked " is Wendy Davis the best candidate that the Democrats can come up with? Seriously?" Yes and we'll see how well your Tea Party candidate does.

Wendy Davis will nationalize this campaign, and that will offset the millions the Abbott campaign has. Just this week, I've seen several positive stories about Wendy Davis on all the three major networks, CNN and MSNBC. Wendy Davis will continue to champion health care, education and women's rights but she has enough gravitas to ward off the sexists' remarks coming from her opponent. It's just a hunch, but Greg Abbott cannot help himself; he  will eventually pull a Clayton Williams. 

I can't wait for the first debate, where Greg Abbott will have to explain why he refuses the free federal money in the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. I'm going to love to hear his answer for improving our education system without increasing funds to it. Wendy Davis will let him take credit for our good job numbers, even thou it's due to our natural resources,because she will then make the argument that she will put that money to good use rather than give businesses more tax-cuts.

The governor's race will be a test on how far-right  Texas is. Are there enough moderate Republican women and independents to squeak out a victory for Wendy Davis? I say this because her threshold is limited due to gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, and voter apathy.  


Mike said...

Then again, always good for a laugh, Debra Medina can throw her hat in the ring and give Wendy Davis the victory...:-)

Edith Ann said...

I am so hoping Debra Medina takes the advice of her backers! That would ensure a Davis victory!

As for local Democrats having to smack talk republicans to get folks to not like them--they do not need our help! They are turning folks off at record pace all on their own! Go republicans!

Here is a link to another angle on Davis seeing a victory.

Let the games begin!

Mike said...

It's Saturday anything goes
If rich pay more taxes, prosperity will follow

Dwain Alan Boehl said,

"Really? So tell me what is it that Clinton did to give us such prosperity? Considering the fact that the economy was all ready in an upswing before he entered office because of the efforts of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. If higher taxes are suppose to make us prosperous, as you and the Democrats claim, then why hasn't the economy rebounded with more jobs and more money since Obama took office in 2008? If you want to see the effects of higher taxes under Democrat control one only needs to look at Detroit which has had a Democrat Mayor since 1962. Higher Taxes there Not only caused small businesses to close it's doors because the owners could no longer afford to pay their employees, it all so caused a lot of the upper and middle class to leave and move else where to cities with lower taxes, which is happening in this country now, the rich leaving to other countries with lower taxes, because of the higher taxes under the Obama Regime. So now that there is no more rich in Detroit to pay these higher taxes, and a decrease in population of the working class who all so left the city, to which the only ones left in Detroit are the Mayor, City council, and city workers including the police, and let's not forget the Democrat created entitlement gang, the city of Detroit has declared bankruptcy. This is what you want for this country?" - 3 hours, 44 minutes ago

OK …two posts in one because I have to answer Dwain Alan Boehl

Poor memory,the economy was in the doldrums when Clinton took office..Number one
reason he won...The generation was the reason for prosperity.

The writer did not say taxes makes us more prosperous (we are not the 1%).

Obama won in in 2008 (at the height of a recession) but did not take office until Jan 2009.

Detroit is a mess but California was able to pull itself out of their mess with taxes and cuts.

Taxes have never been lower than they are today.

Yes,Democrats created Social Security,Medicare.the G.I. bill, and Obamacare…Thank you very much.

Mike said...

That's right EA,I did not see a ringing endorsement for Greg Abbott from Michael Cloud or those posting at the VA....It reminds me of the 2012 election,no endorsements for their candidate just anti-Obama rhetoric....One week they were for Herman Cain,then Donald Trump,Newt Gingrich,Rick Santorum and finally a few for Mitt Romney.

Edith Ann said...

Even Sheriff Jode Zavesky of Cuero said he was going to hold his nose and vote for Abbott! How stupid is that? Anyway--here is a neat slide show about Wendy Davis for your readers:

Mike said...

Thanks for the link

I can never understand that logic....To each his own ,but I never feel that I have to vote for one of the two flawed candidates and if I did ,I surely would not advertise it.

Legion said...

btw, the neighbor down the street has had a homemade Wendy sign in their yard for about a week.

Mike said...

I'm sure as soon as I get rid of my sling Thursday and the doc gives me permission to ride my bike again,I'll spot it...:-)

Edith Ann said...

It was guiding folks to the right place for a phone bank last Sunday. They were inviting folks to the Wendy Watch party last Thursday.

born2Bme said...

I'm kind of curious about the "Lack" of letters to the editor in the online VA.
Where is all of the blaming President Obama and the Democrats? I expected so much more crap from them about it.

Mike said...

I've been looking for the same but I think Claire Fletcher,Gabriel Franks, and John Schlembach have done a great job of debunking all the trash talk.....There's not that
many people who don't know who to blame for this shutdown.

Edith Ann said...

Silly people! The government is on shutdown! They can't write letters to the editor right now! The republicans have all been furloughed!

No, I agree. They are suspicious, too, and don't want to go there! They can't bring the facts to support their fluff.

Edith Ann said...

SNL has been on for 20 minutes and they are into their second spoof of the shutdown!

Mike said...

This shutdown makes a lot sense House GOP....Yesterday,a bill was passed to back pay the furloughed federal employees when the shutdown ends.The defense dept. put about 450,000 employees back to work but about 400,000 will get paid for staying home.

Edith Ann said...

Boehner was such a fool this morning on the ABC!

Mike said...

Boehner was and he was all over the place;admitting at one point that the Democrats wanted to settle this a long time ago....GOP wants to make a deal on their terms.

Edith Ann said...

Here's a little something to counter the "Abortion Barbie" moniker the right would like to pin on Wendy: