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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Texas Women Check Your ID

I didn’t know Wendy Davis was such a threat until I read this article from the Texas Tribune. Last night, Lawrence O’Donnell had a woman judge on, who said she voted in her own court house but still had to fill out an extra form because her name on her drivers' license didn’t match her voter registration. She as many women do,used her maiden name as her middle name on her driver’s license 42 years ago. the law stipulates if the names are similar but not identical,you sign an affidavit to say your are the same person. When did this issue become a problem?

The law has already made it harder for the poor, the elderly, students, and those who cannot arrange a trip to their nearest DMV to vote;now we added another layer of confusion. What happens when people are confused?
The Texas election code requires that the names on a voter ID and in the voter registry to be “substantially similar.” The polling judge will determine if a voter is required to use provisional ballot.I believe the voter has six days to produce the required proof and then the vote  might not be counted.
I can see the confusion already involving recently married or divorced women. What about the newly arrived legal citizens from Mexico who usually take their parent’s name as part of their legal name? Ann Richards’s daughter said that she couldn’t find her marriage license, and she’s been married over thirty years.

Come on Texas GOP, you already have a substantial advantage in registered voters with all the Gerrymandered districts; let up a little and allow the best candidates to win.

I’m worried that we are making it harder to vote and it should be exactly the opposite.


born2Bme said...

They all think it's a good idea until it hits them. There's going to be many GOP voters that get hit with this too, but they will get to slide on through.

Legion said...

At least the DPS in Victoria is making it a "little" easier...

Mike said...

People who vote by mail do not have to show ID.
Guess what political party benefits by that rule?
Guess where they find most of the little fraud they actually find?

born2Bme said...

LOL That didn't take long, did it? Wonder where his rock is located at? Someone needs to step on it and squash it.

Mike said...

Yes,trolls hide under bridges all day and then come out and repeat the same old garbage in a continuous loop,as if anyone cares.....:-)

Mike said...

Last night Rachel Maddow in the last 13 years in Texas ,there has only been 1,uno,one case of voter impersonator .

Very few people will vote this coming election so the impact will not be noticed but wait until the governors race.

Right now 1.4 million do not have the valid ID but Texas DPS started helping people get their Id in June...Guess how many they have,no it's not in the thousands...They have helped 50 people so far. That's
That's 0.0036% sucess rate.

Legion said...

Umm I hope the troll comment wasn't directed at me. I think the voter ID law stinks. All I was pointing out was that at least people didn't have to all go to one place to get a, UMM "voter certificate",damn that nasty even typing it.

Mike said...

Absolutely not ,Legion your are not and never will be a troll.

Yes,I think the Victoria DPS are doing a good to make things a little easier.

Btw...the "troll" refrenance is a private joke that born and I have....We had and still have the same enemy at the VA,

born2Bme said...

LOL No Legion, we are not referring to you.

It reminds me of that insurance commercial where the guy pops up with the dollar bill on the hook. I'm not biting, now, or ever again.

Maybe I should feel honored that he has such a fixation on me. Well maybe's creepy.

Edith Ann said...

Well, when it did not slow us down to have our voter registration card and our TDL to match exactly, the other side had to up the ante.

So, now if you have had a name change, you have to have the documents proving it. They want all sorts of crap.

Two things--Fine, have it your way. When we come back for sane and rational gun registration and background checks--I do not want to hear one complaint from the other side!

We have until the March primary to get this sorted out, and we will. It is not just women who are adversely affected an unduly burdened, it is high school and college kids. Many of them do not have the correct Id even if they are registered. We're working on that, too, at least here locally!.