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Thursday, October 3, 2013

This is Not Rocket Science

If I can understand it ,then it's not rocket science.

A continuing resolution (CR) is a temporary spending bill (two to three months), and it shouldn't ever be mistaken for an annual budget. Why would major policy issues be attached to a short term device meant to keep the government running? The current CR keeps spending levels close to that of the GOP's budget request.  As Harry Reid said last night,"the Republicans don't know when to say yes."

The debt ceiling is just a promissory note that states that Congress will pay the debts they incurred through appropriations. It is possible to negotiate concessions, but both parties must know that at the end of the day; the debt ceiling will be raised   Denmark is the only other country that has a debt ceiling. I don't think we need another government duplication, but if we insist on keeping it, then we should attach it to a budget resolution. Holding the debt ceiling hostage is a bad precedent for future presidents. If the Republicans ever regained  the presidency, I don't believe they would like a lone Democrat to hold up the debt ceiling, just to destroy the economy for the current administration.

Republican Rep. Marlin Stutzman said, " we are not going to be disrespected, We have to get something out of this. And I don't know what that even is."There in lies the problem. In the budget negotiations of 2011, the GOP rolled over Pres. Obama and I remember John Boehner saying, "I got 90% of what I wanted."Republican expected the president to blink again but Obama learned his lesson, and he's standing his ground. Democrats are united and then will not fall for the gimmicks that the House is trying to pass. Joe Scarborough asked, "why won't Democrats allow funding for the VA, national parks, and NIH" and former White House Sec., Robert Gibbs said," all the GOP needs to do is pass a clean CR, and everything  will be funded. "

Joe Scarborough was pretty subdued today, but it may be because of what happened yesterday on MSNBC. It's common knowledge that MSNBC leans to the left,but Yesterday, Joe Scarborough had on Bill Kristol, and together they team up to go after Carl Bernstein. Carl did not stay for the second segment. Twitter exploded with liberal rants including Alex Baldwin. A guest with a different perspective is a premium but  there is very little difference between Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck.

A while ago, liberals let NBC know that they didn't appreciate Chuck Todd saying that it was not his job to stop politicians from distorting the facts about Obamacare. This morning Chuck Todd interrupted and corrected, Tea Party representative Tom Cotton of Arkansas when he tried to distort the facts about Obamacare. I think it's the media's job to correct politicians, no matter what party they are affiliated with. Not that many Republicans go on MSNBC, but I suspect that whatever that number was, it will dwindle to near zero.


Mike said...

It's time to bring this nonsense to an end. Gunshots ere heard outside the capitol and Yesterday a GOP Rep. was assaulted by a civilian.

born2Bme said...

The GOP always insists that they are the party that represent "True Americans", but they are about to see just how many of those "True Americans" their political antics are hurting.
It is my hope that they get their eyes full and figure out that there are more of us than there are of them.
Democrats are not just going to roll over come election time. This kind of action by the Republicans is going to fire up Democrats and voter registration drives are going to be their worst nightmare.

Mike said...

I hope you’re right because I heard several Republicans say that the voters will forget all about this fiasco come November 2014….. Voters will not forget a government default because it will be a historic first.

born2Bme said...

There they go, calling Americans stupid. Look what it got them last time.
And, you can bet that Democrats will not let them forget.

Edith Ann said...

They can't forget it if we keep reminding them! If they can talk about Benghazi for a year, then we can talk about this for a long, long time!