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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'll Answer Your Questions Mr. Drake

Paul Drake of Victoria asked some very loaded questions about President Obama, and if you follow his line of reasoning, it's supposed to lead you to think that President Obama should be impeached. 

Do you really want a president who says one thing, does another, lies about it all it takes no responsibility for anything?
That's one of those loaded  "when was the last time you beat your wife" questions. The writer didn't mention any specific examples.

Do you really want a president who ceded superpower status to the Russians to escape from his international lie?
Russia is a superpower?

Do you really want a president who forces us to trust Russia to do the right thing in Syria.
Mr. Drake, we aren't fighting the Cold War anymore. Russia used their leverage on Syria to convince them to give up their chemical weapons.
Explain to me how that's a bad thing?

Do you really want a president who takes unnecessary hundred million dollars trips to wealthy Soth Africa to give them $7 billion to "keep the lights on?"
All this time I thought the South African trip was about "re-affirming partnerships with the sub-Saharan powers and emphasizing the importance of global health programs, including HIV/AIDS prevention." Anyway that's what I read in the Huffington Post.

Do you really want a president who spends millions of taxpayers dollars on several vacations, while our economy is collapsing?
Is it really about a president taking a vacation or is it about a black president using taxpayer money to take a vacation?

Do you really want a president who treats the treasury as his personal checking account?
Are you charging the president with embezzlement ?He cannot spend what Congress does not appropriate. I recommend you take a civics course.

Do you really wanted president  who walks all over the Constitution, especially the second and fourth amendments?
Do you mean not being able to pass a background check which had a 95% approval? The Patriot Act was in full force before Pres. Obama was sworn into office.

Do you really wanted president promised the most open administration ever and then goes to great lengths to conceal the numerous scandals in it?
That's at the heart of your anger; you can't find the evidence to convict the president of your phony scandals.

Do you really want a president who puts our allies' security in danger- i.e. Iran threatens to attack Israel if he launches attack on Syria?
It's well-known that Israel can take care of itself. The sanctions  we put on Iran may have brought them to the table.

Do you really want a president who bows to the Arab nations?
Really? We've gone over that tabloid material so many times before, so I'm not offended if our leader respects the customs of other nations.

Do you really want a president who distrusts Americans so much that he spies and eavesdrops on us?
I'm laughing as I write this, where has this man been the last 15 to 20 years?

Do you really want a president whose own party members and financial backers (unions) are now finding fault with him?
The president still holds an 80% approval among Democrats. The unions did not like the cut they are taking in new health care law but they never called for repeal. Right-wingers have to make up their mind, he's either providing favors for his cronies or he's not giving special favors to his financial backers.

Mr. Drake, I'm a proud two-time supporter of President Obama and the values he holds. Your letter did not move the needle one iota, in convincing anyone, other  than partisan right-wingers like yourself, that this president is guilty of committing high crimes and misdemeanors. 


Mike said...

You know we could and should have the factual debate about things that matter… We could start with the $16.7 trillion debt. Slashing the budget to unworkable levels is not a practical way to grow our economy. A mixture of reform, spending cuts and revenue increases is still the best way..IMO.

I understand “the buck stops here” way of thinking when placing blame on the current president for our spending habits. I cannot understand why someone would think that Congress does not have a role to play in this matter, other than shutting down the government. Congress passed all those appropriation or CR bills.

I cannot understand why someone would criticize the president for taking vacation while our economy is in peril; yet remain silent when the GOP shutdown the government costing us billions.

I don’t understand why someone would think that our nation is weaker if we delegate responsibility of foreign affairs to another country. We still have a military that surpasses any other in strength, by a whole lot. We use China to keep North Korea in check.

As Alonso Salazar said “we’ve been hearing.. he’s going to” for the link of President Obama’s presidency, so when is all this supposed to materialize? There was a movie, several books, and thousands of articles predicting gloom and doom but we’re still here and our economy is growing; slowly but surely.

Our representative (Blake Farenthold)got mentioned last night on the Bill Maher show as being one of Texas’s many tea party crazies. The GOP’s is at a 24% approval and the tea party is at 21%, so it’s best for them to regroup and comeback when they have some respectability. They have no credibility nor can they lecture anyone.

born2Bme said...

Texas is full of them. That's why this state hasn't turned Blue....YET!!
I swear, the right-wing media is turning level-headed folks into dingbats.
I know a person that thinks that any website that doesn't 100% agree with the tea party, cannot contain any true material and is online solely to dupe "True Americans" and he wasn't going to fall for the tricks and lies, even when the "truth" is staring them right in the face.

Mike said...

GOP House leadership knows the problem...The president invited all the GOP House to discus the budget but Boehner didn't dare send the tea party folks to gum up the works....Mitch McConnell let all the GOP Senators meet with the president and it ended with Ted Cruz and President getting into a shouting match.

Yes,Texas has more than its share of crazies representing us.

Mike said...

Ash Wade Walyuchow is spreading a lot of misinformation about health care.
For one he said there was only 3 MRI machines in San Antonio
Amazing what Google can find in San Antonio

7 Locations to Choose From:
400 Concord Plaza Drive, Suite 300, San Antonio
150 East Sonterra Blvd, San Antonio
3327 Research Plaza, San Antonio
1200 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio
2829 Babcock Rd, San Antonio
11212 Highway 151, San Antonio
5000 Schertz Pkwy, Selma

He's just repeating the negative RW talking points about ACA

Mike said...

Way to go Texas Longhorns I've been waiting a long time.

born2Bme said...

OT, but this is about the cyclist in the national park.
Why can't people understand that if there aren't enough personnel to keep it safe and clean, then it should be closed to the public.
It's not about freedom or the taking away of someone's freedom.

Mike said...

That's a good point but I'm still wondering why the cyclist chose to ride in the park and write a LTTE... Coincidence?

The GOP closed the government and now they are concerned about the parks...How about the services that help the poor?

born2Bme said...

cyclist was trying to enforce his constitutional right, but mostly was trying to defy the "government" he hates so much...AKA...Tea Party mentality.
Federal parks get closed all the time for various reasons that have nothing to do with a government shutdown.
GOP doesn't care about the poor, even thought they claim they are the party of GOD. Go figure!!

Mike said...

Politics and the need for the limelight is always at the forefront...Sarah Palin,Ted Cruz and the tea party led a lot of vets to protest the closing of the war memorial.....

born2Bme said...

Would they rather some low-life have the ability to vandalize and/or trash those places?
I can just picture someone taking the opportunity to do just that to get back at the US. What better place to hit than a memorial to our vets?