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Monday, September 30, 2013

It's no longer an if

There's no longer question whether they will be a shut down ,the question now is for how long.We're at a point where the Republicans think that they are the reasonable ones by compromising.It's as if I went to the Ford dealership and offered them $5000 for a brand-new pick up, but they just smile and go on about their business. I then go back there and offer them $6000 and then complain because they don't want to compromise. Defunding or delaying Obamacare will never be part of any negotiating.

I have to give Paul Krugman a lot of credit for turning to his left looking at Bill Kristol and telling him that he was guilty of having policy ignorance. The opponents of the healthcare law are just throwing things against the wall, hoping something will stick. The truth is no one knows if the health care law will be successful or a failure.  We won't know the success or failure of the law, until five years from now. There will be corrections along the way, as for any piece of legislation. The health care law is not solely responsible for the part-time employment across the nation. I do get a chuckle when I hear Republicans standing up the unions and the poor. 

This morning Nicole Wallace got all upset because President Obama is not negotiating with the House Republicans. Why should he give in to their temper tantrums; it sets a bad precedence. Like the Ford dealership in my example above; the president is holding all the cards on Obamacare. It will take 67 senatorial votes to override a presidential veto. The GOP can call it a slow down, or they can blame the democrats for the shutdown but they have no control over that. They can show up in a small group (20 representatives) and challenge the senators to take up their legislation but people see it what it is.;brinkmanship.

Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Mike Lee are reading from the same playbook. When the three are asked a question that doesn't support their talking points, they will talk over the interviewer and repeat their bullet points and act as though they were never asked the difficult question. Their rhetoric will always include, a job killing law that will destroy the economy and in some cases, kill people.

If this health care is successful,the law's default name will change to something else. I bet if the law were named" The Affordable Marketplace  Act" the pushback wouldn't be as much as it is and the polls would be favorable. 

 Senator Tim Kaine, gave Fox News Sunday's, Chris Wallace a taste of his own medicine by using a similar tactic. He irritated the FOX News host by continuing to say that a shutdown was not the answer. I laughed when Chris Wallace showed Tim a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield, saying that they were going to deny services to one customer because of Obamacare. The senator question the reasoning because we've all heard of insurance companies denying services ,even before Obamacare was in existence.

This shutdown will hurt some people because an appropriation bill has not been passed. Social Security checks will still go out and Medicare services will continue but those applying for services might be delayed because of the furloughs that will take place. This shutdown pales in comparison to a shutdown over increasing the debt limit. The latter has  economic worldwide implications.

The Republicans are complaining because Pres. Obama talks to Putin, Syria, and Iran but he won't talk to them. First of all, they should be ecstatic that we are talking ,instead of planning another war.  The right seems to be irritated and very skeptical even though the negotiations  are going along pretty well. One FOX News pundit even said the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu,will meet with Obama today and warn him about negotiating. Huh? Israel does not dictate American foreign policy.

I hope I'm wrong and John Boehner will use to 200 Democrats to pass a clean CR bill to avoid a shutdown.


Mike said...

POLITICO Breaking News
09/30/2013 02:24 PM EDT (expires: 09/30/2013 03:24 PM EDT)
The Senate voted 54-46 to reject the government spending bill that the House amended over the weekend to include language that would delay Obamacare for one year and repeal the law’s medical device tax. The vote raises pressure on the House to act on the Senate’s so-called clean government funding bill before the government shuts down at midnight.

It's now a clean bill or shutdown .

born2Bme said...

It should be a clean bill. This is ONLY about paying our bills and shouldn't have any other things included.

Mike said...

That and it's just a 45 day spending bill.

The senate and the house have passed a budget but it's being held up by the Tea Party. That's where the negotiations are settled in a normal course of action.

The deficit has been cut in half,so the GOP doesn't have an issue unless it's Obamacare.

born2Bme said...

When will they figure out that the tea party will be the death of the GOP at every election?

Mike said...

Sad day.....government is now shutdown;hope it's a short one.