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Monday, September 2, 2013

Indecision on Syria

Since I didn't have much else to do, I watched just about every program that mentioned Syria. You'd be surprised how many armchair generals (pundits) know exactly what needs to be done and how it will turn out.

I was very disappointed in the media coverage, especially Meet the Press with David Gregory. It seemed like David was more interested in  Obama's change of mind and its effect on his aide's feelings, than he was on the final decision. I expected that from Chris Wallace, and I was not disappointed. Chris Wallace asked John Kerry if it was appropriate for the Pres. to take VP Joe Biden golfing after decision was made. Here's my take on the golf outing: VP Joe Biden has been under a lot of stress lately concerning his son's recent illness and the weight of the worlds problems; a relaxing golf outing where the two leaders could relax makes a lot of sense to me.

The media correctly  stated that the shadow of  the  Iraq War looms large in the decision making of this president and for those of our allies.

The president's. enemies said his Indecisive  actions makes him look weak to our friends and foes. I disagree,President Obama is a deliberate person and not one to make a hasty decision. Besides,he's the Commander- in -Chief of the world's mightiest ,most advance military,so how could he possibly be weak? The British Parliament made a hastily decision to come back to vote without the full body and we saw the results. Who knows how many world leader's minds will be changed while we await our Congress to debate? Our military got to see the Syrian response when they thought they were going to get shelled. The Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Dempsey told the president that the same fixed targets would be there tomorrow or next month.

The president reminded those who call him a dictator that we have a "Constitutional Democracy" and now is the time to utilize that responsibility. Many of the president's detractors say he has weaken the special war powers of the president  forever. I think  it was a brilliant move, because those who usually sit on the sideline and throw verbal bombs will now have to cast a vote stating what they'll do in a similar situation. Many of those legislators will hear what they said in 2001 prior to the Iraq War.The Tea Party member who thought they were only sent to Washington to cut taxes,spending and defund Obamacare will have a rude awakening beginning September 9,2013.

Yesterdy,on Meet the Press,Bill Kristol took the first step in mending fence ,by admitting that Bush 41 made several mistakes prior to liberating the people of Kuwait in 1991. He went on to say that last weeks missteps by the Obama Administration won't amount to anything.

Accountability is what's missing these days. All of the Democratic candidates for president in 2008 had to admit that their vote for the Iraq War was a mistake. Hillary Clinton says she was mislead but that was not enough and that's the reason she lost. The GOP will not admit their mistakes ;be it the Iraq War or the 2008 financial crisis; they won't even admit that Obama legitimately won the 2008 and 2012 elections.The fact that they are a leaderless party may be a big reason for that.

No question,the country is war weary because half of the Syrian rebels have extremist Islamic ties and they are fighting a ruthless dictator.It's foolish to take sides in a civil war that will go on for decades.On the other hand, can we sit idly as a ruthless dictator uses chemical weapons on innocent children and civilians?The president has been criticized for issuing his "Red Line" statement  but can you name one American president who would not have done the same?


Mike said...

I can't find a statement on Syria from the local GOP in our VA....Do they only care about money matters or they don't have an opinion at this time....The local Dems made their views known......Perhaps they are active on FB and I'm not seeing it.....

******** crickets***********

Edith Ann said...

I think the reporter assumed that the woman from Houston, Jade, and the other woman spoke for all of the republican party.

And, just what exactly is the President supposed to do while he waits for Congress to return? Hell--Bush would have been at Crawford cutting brush and no one would have said a word!

born2Bme said...

I think it was a brilliant move.
You just cannot please some people.
You have those complaining that congress should decide, and those in Congress will act like they got thrown a hot potato and bitch that President Obama's dared to put it in their lap. It's put up or shut up time.

Mike said...

Well I guess you're right about the local GOP response but I think if the subject would have been food stamps,executive authority,or guns,the locals would have filled up the comment section.

bTW,I had to eat my words awhile wife thought I needed to get out of house,so I rode with her. She drove super slow as she approached Palmwood but I felt every stinking bump all the way to SamHouston,my poor left shoulder ....:-)....

I know you remember me saying that I didn't see the problem.....Things change ....:-(

Mike said...

Agree completely born.

It's time they read the Constitution and learn their Article I responsibility.

Mike said...

While Senate Democrats are already at work on Syria, drafting new language for an authorization, Boehner and Cantor, the top two House Republicans, didn’t show up to the classified Syria briefing top administration officials gave for House members on Sunday.

Boehner told House Republicans not to worry if they couldn’t make it because there will be many more.

In April, Cantor urged all members to attend a classified briefing on Syria, but now that it’s imminent that the House actually needs to vote on it, Boehner told everyone not to worry about it because there will be others:

Edith Ann said...

Toward Sam Houston is not as bad as Sam Houston to Rosewood on Palmwood, so intensify your trip another 50% and remember that dip at the last driveway on the right.

Back to the topic at hand--Am I the only one who finds it curious that the VA has not interviewed every Syrian in town about this matter? There are plenty to choose from and knowing how they love to stir things up, I am really surprised they haven't come from that angle. Maybe it is too soon, and that is forthcoming.

Earthquake in Timpson, Texas today. I think God is trying to shake Louie Gohmert up.

Legion said...

Well Hell,I tend to agree with Jim.

If the US doesn't do anything people die, if the US does do something people die.

Pick your side, Assad is backed by Russia,China,Iran and Hezbollah, the "rebels" are backed by Al Qaeda and numerous other offshoots.

Tell me exactly who the bad guys are? They are all bad guys.

To take any military action in Syria is a lose/lose proposition IMO.

To not take action is also a lose/lose proposition.

Some group of people, or leaders of some countries are going to be pissed off at the US either way.

Taking military action seems to me to be the worst option even tho Israel would love it, at least at first.

Not taking military action will piss off Al Qaeda (and err, Saudi Arabia).
1400 Syrian people died in the gas attack, over 100,000 have died since the start of the Syrian war, which is the better way to die? Does it really make a difference?

Legion said...

And once again, Lebanon is stuck in the middle of a fight it wants no part of.

Mike said...

That's a viewpoint I would be interested in.

The Houston Chronicle ran a story

"In Houston, which has a large Syrian-American population, about 100 people lined up on opposite sides of a street in an upscale neighborhood to express opposing views on a possible U.S. attack."

It's about 50/50 , it's going t be a hard decision and hopefully a good debate.

Mike said...

I don't know who Jim is but he seems to know what's he's talking about.

Mike said...

The first Senate Cmte. ended with a lot of good questions being asked and left me convinced for now that a military strike on Syria's WMD to degrade and deter their use is a worthwhile mission.

Jon Kerry was a little windy but he saved the best for last by schooling the junior Senator from Kentucky,Rand Paul and then he asked Gen, Dempsey if he wanted to answer Paul's silly question,the general promptly said no;drawing a roar of laughter from the audience.

Mike said...

On another subject {guns} some people can't stand a piece of metal being destroyed.
It's as if all guns are members of their family or a gift from a God.

LE confiscates houses,boats,drugs involved in a crime....It is now legal for confiscated guns to be sold with the proceeds going to law enforcement.

The new law doesn't upset me but I think destroying them took them out of circulation...No,we now selling them at a discount ensuring that some owners can add to their stock pile.
A poster thinks those who are for destroying those guns should leave the state.

There are about 300 millions guns in the country,so it's not as if there is a shortage.