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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New Age of Dipomacy?

Immediately after the president's speech last night someone posted this tweet" It was a 16 minutes speech  that will turn into three days of scrutiny."  They were right because shortly after Joe Scarborough read a litany of negative articles criticizing Obama's speech,Cokie Roberts, said that his tele- prompter was too high because he need to face the American people eye- to- eye. She also said the speech should have been given at the White House residency to give it a homely look. It wasn't until 2 hours later that Lawrence O'Donnell injected some truth into the conversation. He said that not one of those astute writers offered a solution.

The people at Fox were praising Putin for pulling a fast one on our president. I thought they were going to run Putin  as their candidate for president. They they changed their tune because someone must have whispered in their ear that a peaceful settlement might help the president. They then starting saying that the president is foolish for trusting Assad and Putin.  

Joe Scarborough thinks President Obama stumbled into this recent development where Russia and Syria agreed that the latter must give up their chemical weapons. No Joe,while you and Andrea Mitchell were criticizing Obama for going to the G20 in Russia instead of staying home to find and twist the arms of the scared Congressmen hiding underneath their desks,  Obama had a  late night dinner with Putin which might have sealed the deal. 

There is constant chatter about us having a weak president and country without acknowledging that it was Assad who went to CBS pleading for a no strike. It is Putin who now is willing to be a broker in getting Syria to give up their chemical weapons;which they say they never had.

I believe were it not for a threat of military action,Putin would have never come to the table. Damascus,Stria is a very important seaport for Russia, The threat of terrorism scares the Russians and the possibility of those chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorist in the southern most region of their country gives them an incentive to find,secure and eventually destroy the weapons. 

Andrea Mitchell quickly pointed to a pentagon report from the 90s  that said it would take 
75,000 UN troops to find and secure all the chemical weapons. Our friend Israel knows where 80% of those weapons are because they have been tracking them. Andrea said it would be impossible to transport the weapons in an ongoing civil war. I think a cease-fire resolution might work because nobody but al -Qaeda wants to use these weapons.

Lawrence O'Donnell continues to be a nemesis for a shoot-from-the hip,Joe Scarborough.
Joe said if the president was soundly defeated in Congress he would been an ineffective,weak president on domestic and foreign affairs. Lawrence reminded Joe that George H. W. Bush had  approval ratings in the high 80s after liberating Kuwait but he didn't have a clue about the economy and lost to Bill Clinton a few months later.

Then there is the spokesman for the new isolationist wing of the GOP,Rand Paul. who has a lot of hypotheticals but no real answers other than Obama is wrong. He insists that the president is helping al-Qaeda gain Syria but somehow killing Assad would be OK..Want to or not,leaving Assad in power is the best solution for now (the devil we know) in keeping that area stable. Yes,Assad has the military might to keep the New Syrian Army out of power for a long time. One of these days ,we are going to have realize that democracy is not for everyone. 

The speech was on target with what the president has been saying all along. He's not calling for regime change because that might not be in our best interest.  The message we send to North Korea and Iran that we will not tolerate chemical warfare has to mean something. Yes,the speech can be sliced and diced to mean something else for the naysayers but that's to be expected.  


born2Bme said...

In my opinion, his speech was a little disjointed and for someone trying to find fault, it was easy for them to do. Some on the right do not look at the big picture, but will cherry-pick to their heart's content.
I get what he was trying to say, but I kept having to go back and piece it all together.

Mike said...

I think reporters nowadays spend too much time thinking of catchy phrases instead of reporting the pros and cons of a situation.

They are treating everything like a game of who's up ,who's down and what a crazy so and so said.

Edith Ann said...

If our president dropped dead, some on the right would criticize how he died!

There are people who simply cannot be pleased.

Mike said...

Sad but true

Mike said...

I like the new verison of CNN's "Cross Fire" with Stephanie Cutter and Newt Ginrich. ....It's 30 minutes of good informatve debate with the hosts and two guests.

Mike said...

The Cuero murder case disturbs me. I wonder how common this happens?
We're it not for the TV shoe "Cold Case" Ronnie Joe Hendrick would have gotten away with murder.....I wonder how many small towns don't have the capability to test for gun powder residue?

Several members of Ronnie Hendrick lied about giving the Pamela Shelly CPR,so why weren't they charged?

Mike said...

Talk about government waste,three of the dumbest representatives who ever elected to Congress,Michelle Bachmann,Steve King,and Texas's own Louie Gohmert went to Egypt on the taxpayer's dime to praise the military for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood.
Michelle Bachmann thinks the Muslim Brotherhood were behind the 9/11 attacks on our country.....Michelle Bachmann opening remarks " I’m Michele Bachmann and I’m a member of the United States Congress from the United States of America. And joining me are two other members of Congress, Steve King and Louie Gohmert."

Edith Ann said...

What dolts! Are those ethics investigations in full swing yet?

Edith Ann said...

O M Gosh! Look at your page loads! **excited for you!**

Mike said...

Unfortunately ,WASHINGTON — The House Ethics Committee announced Wednesday that it wouldn't pursue a full-scale investigation into complaints against Rep. Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign at this time, though it will keep the case open

Thanks to you and other readers I will meet the 100,000 millstone....thanks again