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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Would've Never Thought

Today, I was in and out of my doctor's office in 15 minutes and that included removing my stitches.  I thought that would be the highlight of my day, but I just may surpass the 100,000 page load counter sometime tonight.  It doesn't take much to please a 68-year-old  retiree.…:-0

I started this personal blog in October of 2010 as a means to vent.  I mostly ignored it until the Victoria Advocate switched to their Facebook book format.  Now I use it as a way to write my slant on topics that I'm interested in.

 When I got to the 90,000 mark, I started receiving  a lot of emails from Google, Yahoo and others trying to get me to support ads.  That's not me, because this is for fun.

I would gladly trade in 50,000 page loads  for 5000 more comments, but that's something that I have not accomplished.  I don't know if people are scared that I would delete their comments or that the subject of my blog, and my opinion is not worth commenting on.  It could be that they prefer a Facebook format, or that they don't want to be the only one commenting.  Getting more comments will be a priority.  Who knows I may only attract passive readers who don't like to comment.  I remember getting 100 comments for every blog that I posted at the VA but that had a much larger viewership.

EA and that's the truth” set and exceeded the standard for local personal blogs. I can't replicate what she brings to blogging but I can thank for the help she gave me when I first started.
One goal will be reached an I'm now reaching out for more comments, so if you have any ideas e-mail me

Thanks a lot for all those who have read this blog and special thanks to those who have posted their comments.


Mike said...

And another milestone.
Today,GOP passed to defund,delay,or repeal Obamacare for the 41st time.

Edith Ann said...

Thank you for the nice words, but I need to get back to blogging! It's been over three months!

Congrats on your milestone, though! I know how that feels. Keep up the good work--you always bring a good perspective to the situation. Continued success! And it is my pleasure to promote your blog.

Mike said...

Thanks a lot and yes you do have to get back to blogging:-)