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Saturday, September 21, 2013

We Need to Vote Farenthold Out of Office

Blake Farenthold didn't show enough courage or professionalism to walk away or discourage the talks of impeachment;now he can't make a clean break from birthism. He want's to stay on the good side of the fringe element of his party.



Edith Ann said...

He is one that is being targeted by Battleground Texas. They are working hard to get him out!

He is a hoot! I love how he (and others) love to talk in absolutes--In this clip he claims everyone of his constituents is against the ACA! What a boob!

Mike said...

It's so easy....It's easy to say Ted Cruz is an American citizen and eligible to run for president.

Congressman Farenthold can say the same about President Obama and if his constituents don't like the truth ....then that's their problem. Now if the Congressman is a Birther ,then he should be man enough to say so.

In that clip Farenthold pointed out that two Democrats voted to defund ACA. Chris should have told him that 1 Republican voted against the CR and ten members of his party did not vote,