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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's a Serious Vote..... Act Accordingly

Jim Stokes, of Victoria wrote a very sarcastic partisan  letter about a very serious subject.He can make it about President Obama painting a red line but it's about our role in the international community when a tyrant uses chemical gas on it's people.

It looks as thou Mr. Stokes is still looking for justification for the Iraq War fiasco by involving Benghazi once again.I guess Mr. Stokes thinks we should still have troops in Iraq.
Mr. Stokes is still pushing the myth that Iraq moved their WMD to Syria. For one,we don't have any satellite photos to prove that happened,and dictators don't trust their potential enemies enough to give them chemical weapons to hold for them and finally ,we know how much sarin gas Syria had before we invaded Iraq and we know how much they have today.

The use of chemical weapons is an international no-no and I still believe any American president would have issued the same condemnation.Joe Scarborough thinks  that Assad gassed his people because he's not afraid of Obama. He may not be afraid of Obama but since when do we give an irrational tyrant kudos? He probably decided to use sarin gas to show his supporters that he would pull out all the stops to remain in power.    About 2 million Syrian civilians have fled their country,so Assad used the gas to hurry the exit of the remaining civilians and then he can bring in the heavy artillery to put down the uprising.

I respect the views of those who don't want our country to be involved in yet another Middle -East conflict. There's no guarantee that a simple targeted bombing mission will not escalate into something else. We certainly don't know how Assad will react but he's well aware of our military power and he knows that Israel is chomping at the bit to get involved. 

Russia has assured Syria that they will replace any damage we do. A senator said that if any American or ally were ever the victims of the gas, then he wouldn't have any problem supporting the resolution to bomb the facilities. I can understand that rationale but It's not mine. I don't agree with Mr. Bankston , who seems to think that all Muslims were responsible for 9/11. How Christian of him.

Russia, Iran, Syria,the U.N And even the bipartisan "Doctors without Borders" all admit that sarin gas was used. The countries I mentioned are placing  the blame on the rebels
but all throughout history only state run governments have used these weapons. The rebels don't own any rockets to propel the gas besides the gas was used in rebel controlled areas.

The Senate did the  responsible thing and cut their vacation short to debate and vote on a resolution pretty soon. The more hostile and  partisan  battles will occur in House of Representatives, so the outcome of those votes are still up in the air. 

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