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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What a Confusing Saturday


Friday was not a good day, because the temporary fixes to my wife's  laptop came to a screeching halt. The virus protector fixed what it could but some file sectors were corrupted. I've been married for 46 years,so I knew better thanto ask her what she did before she saw those errors because that would open the all too familiar Pandora's box. The computer was eight years old,so if I wanted to watch some football this weekend,I knew I had to get busy.

Women have a knack for finding and remembering sales and my wife is no exception.She noticed that Office Depot had all their Windows computers on sale. She must of known how frustrating I was getting,so she knew that I would be open to a fast solution. 

Off we went to Office Depot and sure enough,they had a HP all-in-one computer on sale.I knew it came with Windows 8 but that shouldn't make a difference;so I thought.

We did the usual comparison shopping(Sam's,Best Buy, and both Office Depots) butmy eye caught the Mac Pro sale sign at Best Buy. Little did I know that by purchasing the Mac laptop,that I would be setting up myself for a perfect storm of frustration.

Figuring setting up a Windows  computer would be a snap,I took the Mac out of the box and began learning the new  functions of this foreign operating system. The keys are well spaced and back lit(night use) but I'm going to have find out what th"control,option, and some funny doohickeys are used for. I spent about 30 minutes looking for the shut down key  because it's not on task bar like it is on Windows. I now have it where I can comfortable navigate without much trouble.

It was time to set up my wife's computer.

I'm not one for instruction manuals.I mean, I've owned computers for 30 years,so who needs it? Wrong!After several attempts of trying to get used to closing the many windows I had open and looking for applications I had downloaded,I decided to look
on line for help.  Now I get it,go the right top hand corner of the monitor and all the menus you need will prop right up. I set up Google Crome  and set up a few of her favorites,taught her how its done,so now I'm free to watch football.

In the meantime I'm getting behind on the latest news but I'll get started in the morning.I don't know what I will start with. Will it be the city council "illegal meetings"  article Melissa Crowe wrote about in today's Sunday paper? I 'm pretty certain our country will be shutdown midnight Monday and all the details leading to that decision needs to be looked at. We pretty much took the good news of our latest foreign policy events off the front page.


born2Bme said...

LOL I almost need stronger glasses to read that little print.

I feel your pain with the computer issue. I'm lucky my son is very knowledgeable about things like that. Of course, since he doesn't live with us anymore, it was kind of tricky when I had to figure out the new Windows 7, or was that 8? I was used to Windows XP and it took me awhile to figure everything out by myself.

Mike said...

It looks like it's going to be lot of trial and error with formatting using Apple...:-)

XP was stable and Windows 7 is pretty good,so i don't really know why Windows changed.

I didn't mention my daughter's iTunes went out yesterday after she installed the recent iPhone update but she reinstalled the iTunes software and she's finally back to norm.