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Friday, September 13, 2013

Just Throw logic Out the Window


We have another letter-to-the editor from a local resident who thinks getting upset over 400 children being gassed as they slept, is just another diversionary tactic by President Obama to make us forget Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Lets try a little logic here Mr Robert Simon. Do you really think our country  was concentrating on Fast and Furious and Benghazi before the issue of Syria came up?If your answer is ,yes,then I think you are probably an avid viewer of Fox News.

 Fast and Furious was a botched attempt by the AFT to follow arms being supplied to the Mexican drug cartel. How does this reflect the president? Benghazi is an ongoing investigation but in the end nothing will come of it and in a future blog I will detail the reasons why. The GOP was hoping Benghazi would tarnish President Obama in the last election. The right wing politicos tried to make a case of lies,cover up and distortion because Susan Rice said the terrorist were upset over a video mocking Mohammad,which was not true. 

I agree we were aware that Saddam Hussein was going to use chemical weapons and we did pinpoint the location of the Iranian forces for him. According to David Kay,U.N. weapons inspector,the sarin gas  Hussein used was a very unstable sarin gas , as opposed to the sarin gas Syria possesses. Russia supplied most the equipment,depots,and chemical making know- how and the Syrians refined it. As I stated before only state run governments have the ability to store and assemble the gas               onto a rocket. The rebels forces do not have any such facilities or a means to launch them. I don't buy Putin's assertion that the rebels used them on their own people in the territory they controlled just to get the United Staes to act.

Defense contractors and their contributions to politicians who will help them is not a revelation but they must of been surprised when an overwhelming amount of legislators were not willing to go to war. 

I always hear this talk of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights being trampled on and our rights being denied but  I haven't sen any evidence of that.Did things change after 9/11? Of course they did because our enemies have changed. I agree we overcompensated at times but that doesn't mean we can't correct those errors.

I don't think the news outlets have been bought off because of the overabundance of sources of news and your letter is a good example of that. The news outlets can no longer afford to hire a lot of good investigative journalists nor can they afford to send them to all of the world's hot spots. 

I think the Syrian situation is rapidity changing but the horrors of a civil war is not. Van Jones answer to the skeptics of how Obama is handing the situation is one I agree with. 
The president's detractors are saying that the president is weak because he is constantly changing his mind,  Van Jones said " the diplomatic road has  many curves and the president is following that road to find a peaceful resolution." I am paraphrasing but the point is ,diplomacy is not easy.    



Mike said...

Not that facts matter to conspiracy theorists
But here are the facts

"Shortly after coming to power Hussein claimed to have been informed of a plot against him, supported by the Syrians, and suspended, then later abandoned the plan for unification. Prior to his forced retirement Bakr had expressed to Assad a desire to speed up the process of union, as he feared elements within the Iraqi Ba'ath Party were trying to kill the union plan.[4] [3]
Later, Syria joined the coalition that liberated Kuwait from Iraqi occupation in the 1991 Gulf War. Up until the renewal of diplomatic ties in 2006, Iraqi leaders often accused Syria of trying to destabilize their country by allowing Sunni Arab foreign fighters to cross the border Iraq shares with Syria.
Relations with Syria have been marred by traditional rivalry for pre-eminence in Arab affairs, allegations of involvement in each other’s internal politics, and disputes over the waters of Euphrates River, oil transit fees, and stances toward Israel. Syria broke relations after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and joined other Arab countries in sending military forces to the coalition that forced Iraq out of Kuwait. Relations remained cool until Bashar al-Assad became President of Syria in 2000.

Tell me again why Iraq sent their chemical weapons to Syria?–Syria_relations

born2Bme said...

LOL....I found this quite entertaining...

"The normal news outlets will not tell you the truth because they have been bought off."

So he is saying FOX is abnormal? I'll agree with that.

Bought off? Now who has the biggest bucks to donate to which party? LOL

Mike said...

I received an email this afternoon with a Obama Overpass protest video attached.

They had their "Don't thread on me " flag and the whole nine yards..All the usual "impeach Obama,Benghazi,Repeal Obamacare signs were on display....The filmmaker asked all 3 protesters for their news sources.... I'll give you three guesses....Bingo...Glenn Beck because he researches his material,the Blaze and Fox News

Edith Ann said...

You gotta love the wing nuts on the Facebook page "The Liberty Tree" complaining about us entering into a war based on a lie.

It is true. You apparently CAN scrub a brain free of memory...

Mike said...

Yes ,it's as if the years 2000-2008 never happened.

Chris Matthews has some good days now and then,yesterday was one of them.
He looked Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works and asked him why he was trying to defund Obamacare risking shutting down the government. Kibbe said it was a bad bill.
Chris corrected him by saying it was the law not a bill and the Democrats nor the president would ever agree with that. They won in 2012. Then Matthews asked why Republicans hated 30 million fellow Americans getting insurance.

Mike said...

President Obama and Secretary Kerry struck a diplomatic solution with Russia to get Syria to give up their chemical weapons by taking the threat of military force off the table.

We probably won't know how this was accomplished until the history books are written but we know that the administration did not get any help from Congress.

Edith Ann said...

I read where the Benghazi Rally arranged for by the GOP was a smashing success--

born2Bme said...

It's really true that Americans have short memories. They tend not to be able to keep more than a few grievances in their minds at one time.

Mike said...

That's true born and if the news they watch never reminds them of the mistakes of the past,it's as if they never happened.

A comedy show like Jon Stewart constantly pulls something out from the archives to prove hypocrisy.

A good example is the individual mandate the conservatives came up with ,now they think it's the worse idea ever.

It can also be an extremely short memory: I can remember when Republicans loved military might and interviewing in the affairs of other countries.

born2Bme said...

Until President Obama got elected, I had no idea how racially-biased this Country still was.
I wonder what's going to happen to a woman President?