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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wednessday It'll be Two Weeks Since Surgery

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Trying to find something useful to do while I'm recovering from rotator -cuff surgery has been challenging, especially since I'm not permitted to drive.  I could probably handle the mechanics but if I were involved in an accident,I could see myself getting a ticket and my insurance company wouldn't have to pay because I'm not supposed to take off my immobilizer sling for six-weeks. I stopped taking pain medication after the second day,so that's not an issue. Now,my doctor,nor has my insurance company and as I interpret it,Texas law does not come out and specifically state  that I am forbidden from driving.

I finally found a  way to comfortably prop up my elbow on a table, set my iPad on a stand and then with the use of a Bluetooth keyboard,I'm able to type for a reasonable amount of time.  Writing helps me keep my sanity because I now consider myself a victim of mindless repetitive news reporting. I now look forward to my three times a week of grueling physical therapy;at least there's a sense of purpose to those exercises.

I finally managed to prop myself on my elbow and maneuver myself into the bed and then  my wife positioned some pillows behind me to keep me from rolling on to my injured shoulder during the night. I must have stayed awake for thirty mutes worrying about the pillows falling off and then I finally drifted off.

It's kind of awkward reading a hard bound book,so I'm grateful that I can read books on my electronic device. I ordered " Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi."
The book sells for $36 at Hastings but the Kindle edition for my iPad was only $11.00. I now read the electronic version of the Victoria Advocate because it's much easier because to follow a story from the front page,all you do is press the highlighted marker of the front page story and presto you are on A6 for the rest of the story.

I'm coping pretty good but I wish I would have had this surgery 6 months ago when I started feeing the discomforts. I must have gone through hundreds of ice packs,muscle relaxers, and other home remedies before reporting the injury. My doctor was relieved when I surpassed 6 months of shoulder pain because then he could call it an acute pain and order the expensive MRI . I supposed that had something to do with the policies of Medicare and my private insurance company.   

Slowly but surely everything is getting back to normal as I become more self-reliant. I can cook myself breakfast,put on and remove my sling for myself, and I've found ways to keep myself busy.




born2Bme said...

My mom had that surgery years ago. The only thing I remember about it was one exercise that she had to do at home, which basically amounted to itsy-bitsy spider, going up as high as she could go and then repeating it so many times.

Mike said...

That the finger crawl up the wall.

I had arthroscopic surgery.

I do three exercises that are meant to prevent frozen shoulder.....I sit at a bed like table and stretch out my arm 30 times and hold it there for 25 seconds....Then I extend it to side 30 times and hold it for 25 seconds and I leave my arm on the bed and as I'm sitting ,I bend at the waist 30 times and hold it for 25 seconds...It usually takes an hour and they ice it 8 minutes....There is a little pain associated with the exercises but I help myself by taking a couple of extra strength Tylenol before theraphy.