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Monday, November 4, 2013

When is a Lie a Lie?

A journalist went through the archives and pulled out 26 occasions where President Obama said that if you’d like your health-care plan and your doctor, you could keep them. The main stream media jumped on the White House surrogates with gotcha questions. It was the same way for the IRS investigations and the latest NSA snooping allegations; “what did the president know and when did he know it?"

The president’s supporters should probably admit that his words should’ve been more precise and they should have included a disclaimer. Hindsight is always 20/20. The president should go around the country and apologize for his misleading statements but also use the opportunity to explain how the exchanges will be better than the junk policies they now have. The administration should drop a line that it will only affect 5% of the policy owners because that amounts to about 14 million people, so there’s no real way to sugarcoat it. The disastrous rollout of the website exacerbated the situation because the millions of people with canceled policies were are not able to choose a better plan.

The president’s detractors are overjoyed with the disastrous website roll out because they hated Obamacare all along. Where were the crocodile tears for people losing their healthcare prior to 2010? Where is the alternative plan that will keep the goodies in Obamacare and expand coverage to the millions of people who currently do not have health coverage? I heard one right wing pundit complaining about losing their freedom to have junk policies. Then he complained about how the subsidies are costing the taxpayer’s money. The lack of quality coverage (junk polices) and the use of the emergency room are costing taxpayers money. This group is getting all the political play they can out of the president’s words, which they deem lies. Rush Limbaugh said the president’s words were Nixonian.

I don’t think the private sector can afford to implement universal health care. We are one of the few industrialized countries to use the market place. If Obama care is going to work, the individual mandate is a must because insurance companies have to offset their costs from the people with preexisting conditions with those of young people who don’t normally get sick. As I recall the public option or single payer universal health care didn’t have a seat at the table during the negotiations.

I also think that health insurance companies don’t like the individual plans and are looking for ways to get out of them because they don’t produce the profits they want. It’s the same way for companies who are now weighing the difference between the penalty and providing health care coverage for their employees. You can blame Obamacare but that would be a lie.

The president’s enemies are using a narrative that Obama is out- of –the- loop or he’s lying when he says he did know anything about the IRS scandal that never materialized. Rather than to go into a lot of detail, it’s well known that the original charges did not have any basis because not one conservative group was denied a 501( c)(4) but several liberal groups were. The real story was the abuse of that particular code.

The recent NSA revelations brought out a new reason to think that the president was either lying was not inquisitive enough to know what’s going on and plausible deniability was never considered. I don’t know enough about what NSA is doing to come up with a reasonable explanation and that’s the way should be. I’ve known for decades that NSA was gathering information wherever it could. We started snooping on our allies in 2002; at least, that’s what’s on the record. I don’t know, but I believe it’s helpful to know why Germany did not join us when we were removed Omar Qaddafi or to what extent Israel might go in attacking Iran. I think it’s pretty naïve to presume they’re not spying on us. The NSA got caught, the president has egg on his face, and the rest is guesswork.

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