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Friday, November 29, 2013

Random Thoughts

As we waiting for the traffic light to change, I looked over to the Sears parking lot and wondered if the company would be around in ten years. I was surprised when I heard that being discussed this morning by the ‘Morning Joe’ panel, and they added J.C. Penny to that list. Those stores are now a third or fourth options to Amazon, Lowes Dillard's, Sam’s Club,Wal-Mart and Costco these days but it’s not because Sears or J.C. Penny did anything wrong other than becoming that forth option. The 1950s business models are being crowed out by the warehouse models of today.

The conversation at our Thanksgiving gathering was about the younger members of our family cutting their ties to satellite and cable TV and moving to Internet TV. Now they pay for whatever they want to watch. They all live in a city, so with an indoor antenna; they are still able to pick up ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS. Ten years ago, a lot of people thought that Blue Tooth and WIFI would never catch on. Today we have our doubts about USB 3.0 and 3D TV.

Look around the mall and I bet you will see that half of the people are talking or texting on their cell phones. I would also bet that more than half of those people don’t own land lines anymore.

As I’m getting a glimpse of the future ;will some still be promoting Intelligent Design and denouncing evolution? I suspect they will because when ‘faith’ is the main arguing point, there is no room for scientific logic. That’s too bad because I think there’s room for coexistence. I never realized how dumb I was until I read some of the intelligent comments about the subject the other day. Biology was a course where I strived for grade of C, so I could meet the minimal requirements and move on.

Hey, if you are going to shop anyway, consider buying locally because for every dollar you spend in your home town, 52¢¢ of it stays in the area.

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