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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And Yet Another List

A local letter writer, W.E. White, wrote a letter to our editor titled “Reader presents list of president’s action.” This chain of events started when a conservative wrote a similar letter causing a rebuttal by another writer listing the president’s actual accomplishments. These letters received a lot of comments on our local newspaper’s on-line forum.

I understand that some people assume everything that goes bad in our country stems from whoever sits in the oval office. It’s probably been that way since the beginning of our Republic. An undocumented protester in San Francisco disrupted the president’s speech yesterday calling on Obama to stop deporting all 11 million people who are here illegally. The president said he cannot legally do that but the opposition party has accused him of that. That’s an example of how people seem to dismiss Congresses ‘s role in enacting and enforcing our laws.

Without further ado, I will answer the 23 bullet points (which could easily be condensed to six) because a lot of them originate with the Affordable Care Act. It’s something about ACA, Benghazi and the IRS that riles up conservatives to no end.

1. Mr. White makes no mention of the 2008 financial crash and the steps we took to recover from that, as being part of the debt.

2. Detroit has been mismanaged for years, so I don’t see what Obama being president had to do with it going bankrupt.

3. This is hilarious, because the writer thinks that racism is a one way proposition and hate radio does not exist. He also dismisses all the racism directed at the president and his family.

4. Inner city crime has been around for longtime and will be as long as poverty exists but I’ll see where the spike in gang related murders in South Chicago has anything to do with the president. I guess by that standard, we can blame the Newtown killings on Obama.

5. The latest information I received is that healthcare costs are leveling off but I can understand insurance premiums going up in some states but that’s got more to do with business decisions.

6. Let me repeat, 80% of Americans will not be affected by the Affordable Health Care Act. Yes, some people will purchase items they won’t use but that’s to keep the costs from escalating.

7. No doubt, the website rollout was a disaster and expensive.

8. Company health benefits are at risk because of ACA is speculation not supported by any facts.

9. The Middle East was not a mess prior to the invasion of Iraq.

10. Violence is rising in Iraq and that’s the president’s fault because? The writer is probably implying that we should’ve kept our troops in Iraq against the country’s wishes. Removing out troops from Iraq was something Americans overwhelmingly approve of.

11. The Taliban will get worse when we leave and have you read what president of Afghanistan wants in return for our staying?

12. Egypt is in turmoil and you want the president to do what?

13. Four brave Americans were killed in Benghazi at the hands of extremists, and we’ve held several hearings on what we could and should’ve done but all those involved (Congress, State dept., president) knew about the security problems before the attack.

14. I’m pretty sure that our security methods are secure but then you  get push back from those who want more transparency.

15. The IRS incident had nothing to do with Obama and all to do with groups abusing the nonprofit status of the 501 (C ) ( 4).

16. The economic recovery is slow but what is GOP controlled House of Representatives doing about it?

17. Ditto to number 16.

18. The most new jobs are part time is a free market decision and has nothing to do with the government or the president… I’m not so sure that your statement is correct. Conservatives like to say that government does not create jobs (although we have 21 million federal workers) the free- markets does ;then they complain about the jobs numbers.

19. I go back to number 16.

20. I go back to number 16

21. I’m not so sure that the elderly have enough money in securities to weigh the difference. Besides it’s a choice between higher lending rates for possible growth and a few points on CD rates.

22. Lol… Now you’re reaching… Obama has canceled White House tours?

23. It’s funny how a lie about 5% of the people not getting to keep their insurance gained so much prominence but a lie that led to over 4000 deaths in Iraq is forgotten.


Edith Ann said...

Conservatives are the most entertaining folks on the planet. They just don't know it.

Mike said...

The letter writers may may not speak for the majority of conservatives but they are indeed the most vocal. they like to be seen and heard.

These people go by the same playbook: attack the president for everything and make sure they mention ACA,Benghazi, and the IRS at least once but don't offer any solutions.

Edith Ann said...

If you look in a mirror and say "Benghazi" three times, the 241 Marines who died in Beirut ask why there was no Republican otrage in 1983.--JRehling

Mike said...

Benghazi is starting to get the "rolling eyes" from national pundits.

Mike said...

I don't mind the critisism if it's factual because that's constructive. It's the constant negativity without solutions and these naysayers never come back and say they were wrong.

If ACA recovers and does what it's supposed to do,the right will not say they were wrong.

Edith Ann said...

Have you caught the message from the Pope that trickle down economics does not work?

Mike said...

So much for the new Pope is a conservative,,,,,:-)

Edith Ann said...

I'll say it again. This new Pope is really a change from what we have seen in the past! I love this guy and I'm not even Catholic! I watched them discuss this on Morning Joe this morning and last night I watched Chris Hayes and others discussing the Pope's call for more women in a leadership role in the Church.

Despite the naysayers who feel this guy is a clone of Popes John Paul II and Benedict, this guy is going to make some big changes. I am sure of it. He's laying the foundation now.

He took "Lighten up, Francis!" as a command!

Mike said...

It was one of the better ‘Morning Joe’ shows that I have seen a longtime. It was very informative.

Pope Francis is slowly bringing back the Church to its roots, where the poor are given preferential treatment. Jeffery Sachs had a one- on- one meeting with the pontiff where he was told of the evils of income inequality. The Pope is rightfully taking the Church out of politics.

Joe Scarborough misunderstood what the Pope said because he’s an unapologetic capitalist. The Pope said that an unfettered free- market leads to greed.

The Chris Hayes show was also interesting ,as he pointed out that some special-interest groups don’t want to pay for contraceptives for their employees, but they are also against the government providing free pills. One can keep one’s beliefs but when they come to the marketplace, they have to abide with the agreed-upon laws or not participate at all.

The contraception case that will be before the Supreme Court will be a monumental one because it opens up the floodgates for companies not paying for blood transfusion or any other procedure they don’t agree because of their religious beliefs.

Edith Ann said...
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Edith Ann said...

As the Late-Not-So-Great Marie once said--Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

The wrong slant by the SCOTUS could spell the end of Viagra and Lordy! Then what would we do!!!

Mike said...