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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nanny State or Good Governance?

I’m a bit surprised there hasn’t been much of an uproar about the recent decision by the FDA to target trans fats in the food chain. I would guess it’s because the government agency hasn’t said what it’s going to do about it. Did you really think it was a coincidence that McDonalds and other fast food started producing healthy menus? It wouldn’t surprise me if the fast food chemists are cooking up another unhealthy genetic substitute to take its place.

I did hear Sean Hannity blaming liberals, the president, the first lady and big government about the possibility of the FDA cracking down on trans fats but that’s all part of his daily monologue.

I love my trans fats but I know I’m not supposed to have them and a lazy person like myself will benefit if the FDA takes them off the shelf. I know the sermon “ you don’t need government, you should be able to do that for yourself.” We’ve had this argument with the tobacco companies, big tobacco lost and we are better off for it.

What’s the FDA supposed to do? Does the agency look at the data from their medical research and settle for another label attached to the food (which nobody reads), pat themselves on the back and say, “we’ve done our job?” if that’s the case then we should abolish that agency because the fast food chemists can do that. They know exactly what goes into their products and the long lasting damage it will do.

You can make that two-way argument about jobs. You can say the extra regulations will cost jobs or you can say the eating unhealthy foods will lead to absenteeism and an early grave. I haven’t even mentioned the higher cost of health care for the company.

When the mayor of New York issued the ban of the 32oz soda, it was more about the message than anything else. That was considered an overreach and for good reason. New York was also the one of the first large cities to ban smoking in public places. At first the citizens balked and cautioned the lawmakers about the loss of tourism revenue but they learned to love the law.

There are some people starting to complain about paying for items in their health care policy that they will never use. That happens all the time in our everyday life when childless couples complain about paying for school taxes etc. The complainers equate this a nanny state “one size fits all” formula.  If you buy a new car you might be paying extra for the extra child belt, and several safety devices you will never use but are required to have. When the seat belt law was being discussed the car manufacturers squawked and complained bitterly about going bankrupt if the law was passed. Today, we are glad seat beats are standard equiptment.


Mike said...

I just finished reading Mr. Drake's letter to the editor.
What do these RW haters reaD?

Took me about 3 minutes to answer his question without any name calling....Such anger
Mr. Drake this is one of the easiest open book tests ever.

Let’s start with foreign relations

1. Ended the torture policies and the war in Iraq
2. Removed Omar Gaddafi from power
3. Killed several al Qaeda leaders including Osama bin Laden
4. Syria is now destroying their chemical weapons
5. Will remove all the troops from Afghanistan in 2014

Domestic policies
1. The president inherited the greatest recession since the Great Depression losing over 750,000 jobs a month…last jobs report we gained 200,00 jobs.
2. Ist president to pass health care after many tried
3. Passed Wall Street Reform and appointed first ever consumer proctection agency head.
4. Repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
5. In 2011 we imported 45% of the oil we used (lowest since 1995) and that figure is dropping with new CAFÉ standards, natural gas.
6. Saved GM
That took about 3 minutes but I’m sure you can bring up Google and find some more but you don’t want to because hating is easier.

born2Bme said...

Just go to:

It's 13 pages long, so he's done a lot...many things for veterans and the military

Mike said...

Thanks born.

I see where a Ron Paulite posted a copy and paste @ the VA.

Edith Ann said...

There is indeed a lot that our President has done that has been very positive for our nation. The problem lies in the fact that the folks like Mr. Drake are only listening to one source, a source that is not known for promoting anything good by President Obama.

I continue to be bumfuzzled at this new surge of Obama hatred! The guy is never going to be up for election, so what is the smear campaign about? Geeze, Louise! What simpletons!

Mike said...

And the positive list would be longer if not for the obstruction by the party of no.

President Obama prevented a McCain/Palin administration and the privation of Medicare if the Romney/Ryan ticket ever got elected.

The administration made mistakes and they are worth discussing but let's be evenhanded.

born2Bme said...

Why the smear campaign? People cannot stand to be wrong and they are always trying to prove that they were right.

born2Bme said...

And, you have to remember that people only hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. President Obama will never be good enough in those people's eyes.

BIGJ said...


Expect a thrid hard hitting VicAdLTTE from Justin Williams coming around the 50 anniversary of JFK's death. Paul Drake will be again called out.

Mike said...

That's sounds like a plan.