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Monday, November 18, 2013

What Liberal Bias in the Media?


Yesterday, I had to recheck my program guide because I thought that the so-called mainstream media had morphed into Fox News, Info Wars, and the Drudge Report. In fact, Fox News Sunday’s coverage of the administration’s Obamacare problems was pretty tame.

David Gregory of ‘Meet the Press’ tried to grill Leader Pelosi, but she’s been on a few talk shows and was ready. David let Senator Ayotte slide when she said that Republicans wanted to work on a bipartisan healthcare bill. I think that would be news to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. It wasn’t until later in the show when, Mike Murphy, republican strategist, revealed that the GOP is sitting on the sidelines cheering all the failures but won’t say it publicly because a lot of people have lost their healthcare coverage.

It seemed like all the talk shows were using the same script that started early last week. "Will this disastrous roll out be Obama’s Katrina or Iraq? " A democrat quickly pointed out that no one has died because the website is not working. I think the opposition party is trying to mask President Bush’s failures by falsely comparing administrations. History will judge the Affordable Care Act and President Obama because it takes more than a news cycle to evaluate the final results.
‘ABC This Week,’ took it to another level implying that the president’s problems at home would transcend as weakness in our negotiations with Iran. That’s a lot to get into, but Howard Dean pretty much stopped that talk when he said it was the president’s tough sanctions that brought Iran to the table in the first place. It was also brought out that the president would have a tough time passing the immigration reform. You think? Speaker Boehner said that issue would not come to the floor in 2013 and that did have a thing to do with the Obamacare.

This morning, MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe’ with Joe Scarborough summarized the weekend talk shows and to no surprise, Joe Scarborough, emphasized the negatives. Joe said that the 39 Democrats who voted for Fred Upton’s bill scared the White House. That was the theme all weekend but Lawrence O’Donnell and Chuck Todd shot that down. When the White House let it be known that Fred Upton’s bill would be vetoed, it made it a political safe vote for the Dems. Now, if 100 Democrats would have voted for it, that would have been a different story. Joe Scarborough tried to mock Leader Pelosi’s statement that her party would “stand tall” behind the Affordable Care Act but Chuck Todd disagreed saying they voted for it, and it is in their best interest to own it. That’s so true, in the 2010 election the 32 blue dogs who voted against ACA all lost their election but all Democrats who voted for the law were reinstated. That just proves that voters still like politicians who stand on principal.

It is just my unprofessional opinion, but I think that this White House relationship with the media has been strained since the Justice Dept. threw a wide net around their fellow journalist Fox News’s James Rosen’s phone calls. I saw Andrea Mitchell attacking the president’s credibility on a lot issues after that.

It’s fair to say that no one would want to watch CNN explain how the insurance companies are trying to profit off the latest missteps in rolling out Obamacare nor do people want to hear about the successful signups. The talk-show hosts and reporters have company sponsored health care policies, so how can they know the joy people are having by purchasing insurance for the first time in their lives? I would be satisfied with some stories about states denying their citizens health care just to satisfy their ideological principles.

We have to live with the media coverage we have and it doesn’t do any good to long for the days of Walter Cronkite because the audience, times, and expectations have changed.
Who knows, next Sunday the media may do a story about CBSs, Lara Logan, using fake whistle blower, Dylan Davies, account of what happen in Benghazi


Mike said...

George Zimmerman arrested again!
This is the man the right wing,NRA, and the good people of Florida thinks that it is OK for him to have a gun.

Mike said...

So Liz Cheney can accept her sister Mary's marriage in15 states but not in the other 35 since she's running for senator on the Tea

Edith Ann said...

George Zimmerman--a waste of air.

Lizard Liz--another waste of air.

BIGJ said...

The media needs to be breaking up into small companies.

Mike said...

The media is already downsizing but don't you think we need more shoe leather reporting?

Mike said...

George Zimmerman needs help,even a novice like me can see the warning signs.

Liz Cheney reminds of someone selling their soul for a short term gain.

BIGJ said...


Where? CNN is owned by Warner Bros, time, and DC Comics. ABC news owned by Disney and Marvel Comics. NBC is owned by Univesral. Fox News is owned by 20th Century Fox and the Wall Street Jorunal.