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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Change is a Matter of Perspective

Our country is different when it comes to accepting change because so many people don’t want stop what is working for them. We have an equal amount of people who want to live in an individualist society as those that want a more of a collective one. I use the word ‘equal’ because I really don’t know if we can accurately break it down. I think people move in and out of those groups an their situation changes.

One of the new changes we will accept is all the department stores that will be open on Thanksgiving. I remember being upset that I was off for the holiday but the stores were closed. Now it’s the opposite since the shoe is on the other foot. Some will say that the greedy chain stores no longer care about the family but others will say they are providing more overtime money for the employees. The giant stores no longer care about the negative publicity, they know we will get over it. I can remember that it used to be an unwritten sin to be open on a holiday. Don’t be alarmed that Thanksgiving is blended in with Christmas because you know we been talking about that for years. Will holidays go the way of the company pension plan?

We are seeing the effects of the all -voluntary army. It used to be that during the holidays we waited for at least one family member from the military to make it to a family gathering.  I seriously doubt that any future presidential candidates will have any military service.

I used to be a poll driven person but that’s when we only had about two or three polls to look at and they were done on a monthly basis at the most. Now the pundits are telling us that Pres. Obama is at 41% on Monday and by Tuesday he’s at 37% approval, as if it’s an actual nose count. They tell us that the president has to fire somebody, and take some other action to get those pull numbers up. Mitt Romney thought he was comfortably ahead on the last day of the election. I still think polls are a good measurement at a particular time but I’m not the believer I once was.

I have seen the difference in computer operating systems and a reason I am moving away from Microsoft and towards Apple. The first thing I wanted to do when I got my MacBook Pro was install a virus protector but the operating manual advised against it because of the built in protection and the fact that hackers concentrated on MS systems. My MS desktop has an annoying malware that I am trying to get rid of. When I log in at VA (a lot of upload graphics) I get a lot of ads but not when I log in with my Apple devices. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my settings. That’s a change, because I remember a lot of Apple v MS arguments when I was on the side against Apple and I would still be that way if it wasn’t for the iPhone and iPad. Those devices opened the door to excellence.


Mike said...

This is huge

"11/23/2013 09:15 PM EST (expires: 11/23/2013 10:15 PM EST)
World powers have reached a deal with Iran on its nuclear program following talks in Geneva, Switzerland, the Associated Press reported.

Edith Ann said...

What is huge to some is that American Pastor Abadini is being held in an Iranian prison and his release was not part of the negotiations.

Mike said...

There are two other Americans imprisoned with the pastor and according to Fox News "President Obama's call to President Rouhani to release Saeed so he can be reunited with his family is a significant step forward in this critical case. We're grateful to President Obama for raising Saeed's imprisonment and call on President Rouhani to put his promise of being 'moderate' into action by releasing Saeed without further delay."