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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Don’t Do It Texas!

I usually ignore fringe political candidates because they don’t generally get elected. Texas has more than its share of far- right politicians, and we now have one at the state/national level in Ted Cruz. I hope we don’t double down by electing David Barton to unseat Senator John Coryn. I’m certainly not a fan of John Cornyn, but if it’s a choice between him and David Barton; I’ll campaign for John Cornyn.

David Barton is a frequent guest on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze show; that alone should tell you something. Mr. Barton says he is a Christian historian but is known to make things up. This is how he ties abortion to climate change. For some reason, God spends an awful lot of time worrying about Republican politics.

1. America voted in politicians who support abortion rights.
2. In so doing, we “opened the door to the curse,” which includes floods, tornadoes, murder and pedophilia.
Back in the days of early America, Barton explained, if crazy weather was happening, the first thing leaders would do is “call for a national day of repentance, humiliation, fasting and prayer … and today we’re saying, ‘Oh no, it’s global warming.’”
In reality, he said, “We opened a door that lost God’s protection over our environment and that’s our choice.”

Senator John Cornyn seat won’t be up for another year but it’s better to nip it at the bud.

I’ll be watching the Alabama’s congressional race where an establishment
Republican governor is getting challenged by a Tea Party/birther (whose hero is Ted Cruz) named Dean Young. It’ll be a test as to whether ideology will trump common sense. The other test will be in Virginia where the Democrat will likely win.

I used to dismiss all the nonsense but Colorado will have a secession initiative on the ballot tonight.

Our newspaper ran an editorial condemning David Dewhurst for his talk about impeaching President Obama, but I wish they would have included some other Texas legislators for doing the same such as our own Blake Farenthold.


Edith Ann said...

David Barton is a scary piece of work! Google Dominionism, New Apostolic Reformation, and Wall Builders.

This guy got to edit the history books for Texas and we know how that turned out.

Yes, if a Dem does not step up, Y=you can be sure I will campaign for Cornyn! This does need to be nipped in the bud.

Mike said...

It wasn’t that long ago when EA and BigJ used to warn me about fringe politicians in Texas but I used to say I wasn’t interested in Texas politics…. Boy, did I learn a lesson; I didn’t know Rick Perry was that far to the right are that Ted Cruz even existed. I saw the damage one senator can do a especially if he has a naïve representative like Blake Farenthold following him.

I had heard of David Barton but I didn’t pay much attention to him but now he wants to represent Texas. I did some research on Mr. Barton and those are only three groups that he is associated with. He’s made speeches to racist, homophobes, and anti Semitic groups but he claims that he wasn’t aware of their agenda… That theme seems familiar.

Mike said...

Rand Paul is going ballistic over the plagiarism charge...He just doesn't get it...Since we were doing high school term papers we knew we couldn't copy word-for-word, and if we wanted to quote the words of someone for context, we would use parentheses, give credit to the author's name and leave a footnote.

Instead of taking a warning, apologizing and moving on, he wants to duel the accusers... He's certainly not ready for prime time. He's like as his old man; he won't admit to anything..

BIGJ said...

Mike. I told you to watch state politics. My Facebook "friend" Michael Fjetland is running on the Democratic side. I also been trying to get Sean Hubbard to run again.