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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The GOP Has A Plan

This morning, the Heritage Action for America, Jim DeMint and Senator Ted Cruz started their nine city town hall meeting tour in their quest to repeal Obamacare. Ted Cruz said if Obamacare is still intact on January 1, 2014, it will never be repealed. This might be the only time that I agree with Ted Cruz.

Rand Paul has a wobbly position, because he’s not in favor of shutting down the government if Obamacare is defunded. Senator Paul is giving the House of Representatives a little hope that’s not based on reality. The senator thinks the House could come with a bill to stall the individual mandate or defund a small part of Obamacare, pass it and send over to the Senate for them to markup it up, knowing they will strike out the Obamacare provisions but then the bill would go to committee. Rand Paul thinks a part of Obamacare could be used as a bargaining chip for continuing resolution or in a month after that; to raise the debt limit.

One, the Democrats have enough votes in the Senate to ignore any proposal that has to do with Obamacare.

Second, the president has told the Republicans that he will not negotiate a debt limit increase. He’s tired of playing that game, so he won’t make a deal just to get the Republicans approval to pay for what debts we have incurred.

The GOP are badly misreading President Obama, he will let them shut down the government before he gives on his signature legislation.

Republicans are having internal fights over control of their party but the one thing that unites them is the hatred of Obamacare. There are several reasons for that:

1. If Obamacare is successful, it will be revered like Medicare and people will remember the party that passed the legislation.
2. Since 85% of us have insurance, they don’t feel like getting worked up over the 15% that don’t have health insurance.
3. Once the subsidies kick in for the poor people, it will make them look even more unsympathetic when they suggest cuts to Medicaid.
4. It’s another form of rejection to those who favor individualism without a safety net.
5. It’s Obama’s signature legislation, therefore they are adamantly against it.

Last night, Avik Roy, Mitt Romney’s health care adviser explained why the base of the Republican Party hates Obamacare. He said they hate it because to them, it’s a government takeover and more intrusion into their lives. They blame President Obama, but we’ve had government health care for 48 years called Medicare. Many of those people will never see any changes because they already have health insurance.

The rising cost of premiums will be in those states that have rejected taking part in the exchanges. The states that are helping with the exchanges are seeing lower premiums because of the availability of free market choices in developing a plan that fits the family budget.

I’m not sure why the Republicans won’t let health care law go through as planned because if it’s that bad, the president and the Democrats would pay dearly for that. It’s not as if they have a better plan for the 30,000,000 who don’t have insurance. I remember that the price of insurance premiums was rising before March of 2010 but I don’t remember the GOP worrying about it at all..


Mike said...

Have you visited Juanita's blog today where she features a pastor walking into Walmart with an AR15 strapped across his back...Can there be anyone out there who thinks this normal?

I just saw where a gunman in Georgia shot at a school.

And the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins met at the WH today where they were honored...All except three, who don't like President Obama.I would have gone just to be with my team mates regardless.

Maybe this is normal.

born2Bme said...

If they (GOP) cannot get Obamacare repealed, they will all have egg on their faces and their base will remember who couldn't get the job done come election time.
That, and they know they don't have any good ideas, so they keep everyone's attention on President Obama, and not on themselves.
To me, that only shows how afraid they are.

Mike said...

It's impossible for them to repeal it unless the president and the Democrats do some serious caving. The numbers are not there.

I wish someone would set them down and explain the process to them but the politicians get them fired up and then they can't put out the fire.

Afraid is a good way to put it.....Afraid economy will improve. Afraid,ACA will work.....Afraid prez will succeed and they fought him every step of the way.

born2Bme said...

And in comes Gov. DumDum again. Priceless!!

Mike said...

Speaking of Gov. Perry he's in Missouri telling them about our low taxes but seems like we need to do something besides dole out tax cuts to corporations.

The Texas Tribune reported this :
"The sharp increase in heavy traffic from a historic oil boom has damaged many farm-to-market roads in South and East Texas. The damage related to energy development has become so extensive that state and local authorities lack the funding to make all the repairs. Last month, the Texas Department of Transportation announced plans to convert more than 80 miles of paved roads to gravel. The conversions are expected to start Monday, TxDOT officials said. But the plan has been met with criticism from lawmakers and some of the farmers and ranchers who live near those roads.
"Since paving roads is too expensive and there is not enough funding to repave them all, our only other option to make them safer is to turn them into gravel roads," TxDOT spokesman David Glessner said.

born2Bme said...

Then, they are going to have car insurance companies complaining about all of the broken windshields that naturally come with gravel roads.
I think he is one of the stupidest Governors we have ever had.

Mike said...

Gov. Perry doesn't want anything to do with Obamacare but he'll take $100 million in cash from the Affordable Care Act fund...What a dunce!

born2Bme said...

Think about it, the gov. is trying with everything he has to get people to come to Texas and that includes retired people.
How would that look if he turned down funding for the elderly and disabled? He figures those 2 things cannot be frowned upon by the far right.
Basically, he wants people who pay to stay, and those who the far right think of as leeches, to move to another state and become someone else's problem.

Edith Ann said...

Yeah, seniors vote! I think that just dawned on him, like in , "Oh shit, I've just pissed off a whole bunch of folks..."

You're being too kind with the dunce label.