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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Really Peggy?

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I will post an extra blog today because tomorrow morning I will have a molar.extracted,so I expect to be out tomorrow. I 'm one of those big babies.

Many of you have probably heard of the racist clown at the Missouri State Fair who  wore an Obama mask while performing his routine. With the help of the announcer, the clown did his 15-minute  act. He moved the lips of the character he was portraying in normal black face fashion..

The Missouri State Fair showed their outrage by banning the clown for life but not before the videotape of the event went viral. The incident got its 15 minutes of publicity. I thought everybody moved on but not Peggy Noonan.

Peggy Noonan posted this on her Wall Street Journal blog.

"Let me suggest a classy Obama move that might go over well. From his Vineyard vacation spot he should have the press office issue a release saying his reaction to finding out a rodeo clown was rudely spoofing him, was, “So what?” Say he loves free speech, including inevitably derision directed at him, and he does not wish for the Missouri state fair to fire the guy, and hopes those politicians (unctuously, excessively, embarrassingly) damning the clown and the crowd would pipe down and relax. This would be graceful and nice, wouldn’t it? He would never do it. He gives every sign of being a person who really believes he shouldn’t be made fun of, and if he is it’s probably racially toned, because why else would you make fun of him?"
Allow me to give you MY interpretation of the paragraph Peggy wrote.First, she wanted to emphasize that President Obama was on another vacation at Martha's vineyard. For some reason, the right gets upset when President Obama goes on vacation.  Congress won't be back until early September, so I guess they want him to mow the White House front lawn or something. If he's going to take a day off, do it at the White House and Camp David  is right there if he just has to have the whole weekend off. Heaven forbid, if he ever wants to go his home state, that foreign country of Hawaii, for vacation.

 Peggy went on to suggest that Obama make a classy move that might go over well,as if anything he does will please the right. In the middle of Egyptian Civil War she suggests that the press office put out a press release exonerating the rodeo clown. She also suggests that the president should tell his supporters to cool it.

If this was the one-time event or even a rare one, I could understand how this would be a goodwill gesture. There's not a day they goes by that I don't see or hear of another racist, e-mail,  comment or event. In order to be fair to everyone, the president would have to appoint a "racist event czar" to handle such matters. No Peggy, I suspect the president shrugs his shoulders as Jackie Robinson did when he hears of the nonsense, and goes about doing his job to be best of his ability.

All presidents from George Washington down have been made fun of, it goes with the territory but Peggy thinks Obama doesn't believe he should be made fun of. President Obama makes fun of himself every year at the Washington Press Correspondents dinner. I heard him on the campaign stops making fun of himself for his lousy performance in his first debate against Romney. I heard senators Graham and McCain say that President Obama did not live up to the job of being Commander in Chief but the president recently sent the two senators to the Middle East, as our envoys.


Mike said...

From my Twitter feed

Grand Old Parody ‏@GrandOldParody1 4m

"And on the sixth day, God separated reality from the Republicans, and then He just quit making stuff." -Genesis 1:31

Mike said...

There you go Peggy Noonan

"Steve Stockman Invites Rodeo Clown Who Mocked Obama To Perform In Texas

Edith Ann said...

Love the Twitter feed comment!

Peggy Noonan is an idiot and has been one for quite some time.

Geanie Morrison is proud that she deprived children of medical coverage, but it complaining about having to work 7 months this year! Boo Hoo!

OMGosh ! The meme of Blake Farenthold in the ducky jammies with the scantily clad very young ladies is going viral! Every Dem and Liberal group is sharing it all over the place!

Mike said...

Newt Gingrich ,the biggest bomb thrower of all time,is now telling his party that they have to stop being so anti-Obama.....He told them that not having an alternative health care while condemning Obamacare is a sure loser.....Wait,next week he will be saying the exact opposite....He says it's far too common to hear the angry,crazy,rhetoric coming from his party...Compassionate Conservative 2.0?