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Monday, August 12, 2013

GOP,It’s Time to Put UP or Shut UP

Saturday, Senator Ted Cruz got a standing ovation for saying that he wanted to repeal every single word of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or as it’s commonly called- Obamacare. That can no longer be a rallying cry, if you’re not taking the steps to legitimize that move. You’ve to put some meat on those bones.

Republicans have to convince themselves that they are willing to make the sacrifices it will take to repeal the ACA.

1. You have to tell your 26-year-old child that you can no longer carry them on your policy.
2. If you have a pre -existing condition, you must go back to the old system where the insurance company can deny you or make you pay dearly.
3. Pray that you’d never get a catastrophic disease because you will go back to lifetime caps.
4. Be prepared for health insurance costs to rise substantially as they were before ACA.
5. As of yet, the GOP does not have an alternative, so you might not be able to retain whatever ACA benefits you have now...{that alone should tell you something...after 3 years and 40 repeal votes later;yet no alternative}

Republicans are telling their constituents that their party will not repeal the most popular parts of ACA but that’s impossible, unless they find a way to get 30million new customers. Under ACA, private insurance companies have to spend 80% of their revenues on health care for their customers, or they have to reimburse the excess. Crunch the numbers, Paul Ryan and get back with us later, but there’s not that much left in the food stamp budget for you to cut. I guess they’ll find some way to privatize Medicare and Social Security and give those funds to the insurance companies but who knows?

What to defund Obamacare? For starters, you have to convince 14 Democrats in the Senate to reach the magic number of 60, and then it should be easy to get the 218 votes in the House. That’s the basics because you have to convince the president that he must sign the bill to repeal Obamacare. President Obama will most likely veto the legislation, and then they will take 2/3 of both chambers to repeal the law. If not, then you have to take steps to win back the Senate and the presidency in 2016. You have to get off your butt right now because there’s a deadline. In October, the uninsured will begin signing up for the exchanges and by January of 2014, the ACA will be fully implemented.

In the meantime, it would be helpful to provide some data that disproves this CBO projection that states Obamacare will reduce the deficit by $109 billion over the next 1o years. While you’re at it, give us some data showing that Obama Care ACA will not reduce the premiums in half in New York and is not working in Massachusetts, California, Oregon and Colorado. Your negativity has taken its toll, up until now, by further confusing people but that tactic has a short shelf life.

I’m not one to give advice to the opposition but if you want to be taken seriously, it seems like you would take steps to keep your crazies off the Sunday’s talk shows.Oh that's right, you don't have control over them and therein lies the problem.


born2Bme said...

I have a few family members that listen to right-wing media, and they are scared to death about what is coming when "Obamacare" goes into effect.
Nothing I say can convince them that the end of the world isn't coming and these are very intelligent people.

Mike said...

I know, I have friends that run in those same circles…:-) I’ve had to remind many of them that they were on Medicare.

I still think that lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 55 would go a long way. It would lower the cost of Medicare by treating people at the early age of their ailments, relieve the employer of their high cost for those employees and Medicare is more efficient than private insurance companies.

Obamacare has to convince a lot of young employees to buy health insurance to offset the new enrollees coming into the system with pre -existing conditions….The Tea Party folks, bankrolled by the Koch brothers, are going around try to convince young people and others to not participate in the exchanges….

Edith Ann said...

They don't understand that much of the ACA is already effective and working?

I really feel sorry for these folks. They are going to feel so bad in a while when they figure how good this was.

Mike said...

This is how our representative is going to spend his time.

"Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) answered questions from a fervent anti-Obama constituent at a town hall this weekend, telling a woman that he would take a closer look at her birther conspiracy document before claiming there were enough House Republican votes to impeach the president, albeit for an unstated reason."

He's either pandering or he's a closet birther.

Mike said...


It's the same type of folks who fought Social Security and Medicare at its inception.