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Friday, August 23, 2013

I’m Really Really Trying to Understand

There are three sitting legislators who have discussed the possibilities of articles of impeachment being brought against President Obama at their town-hall meetings. The lawmakers not pushing the legislation but they’re keeping the issue alive by not informing their constituents that their dream of impeaching the president is not a reality.

A lot of pundits and taxpayers are not taking the town-hall discussions about impeachment seriously. The talk of health care death panels started on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page and went straight to the town-hall meetings. We then heard Republican lawmakers talking about government death panels on the Sunday talk shows and on CSPAN.

Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) admitted that “it would be a dream come true to impeach Obama", Rep. Farenthold said the House had the votes and now Senator Coburn (R-OK) said the president is perilously close to impeachment. I don’t know representative Bentivolio but it didn’t surprise me that Farenthold would appease his base. Senator Colburn is a staunch conservative but I’ve always thought that he was truthful and honest. He is a friend of President Obama and his wife is friends with Michelle, so I can’t figure out why he said that.

There’s no legal definition of what is considered high crimes and misdemeanors, the president would have to commit in order to be impeached. There are the obvious constitutional infractions or criminal behavior but there’s not any evidence that he committed any of those.

This Congress has repealed Obamacare or parts of it 40 times, so their logic is not based on a judicial principle, the possibility of conviction, ethics, or fair play. No, their goal is to delegitimize this president and act, as though he was never elected, and if he was, the people who voted for him were duped. It’s the same way for Obamacare. I guess they think they are saving us from ourselves.

Today, the president was at a town-hall meeting talking about the problems of higher education, and afterwards, he took some questions from the audience. President Obama questioned the need for it taking four years to complete law school. He said it could possibly be cut down to two, and the students could save some money. It’s ideas like this that we need to throw around for discussion, but we can’t do that if a major network like Fox chooses not to air it. Instead, they were discussing Delta Airlines blaming Obamacare for their financial problems and the recent talks of impeachment.

A hurricane starts as hot air and then develops as it hits the warm Gulf waters, so don’t say the impeachment talk is a just a lot of hot air. The ones pushing impeachment talks don’t care what it will do to the Republican Party because that’s just collateral damage. The GOP is having weekly meetings discussing ways of defunding Obamacare, so how much trouble would it be to form a sub- committee to discuss impeaching the president? It’s not like they are going to discuss jobs, a GOP health-care plan or ways of improving the economy.

The House of Representatives can  only bring the charges of impeachment but the Senate has to the convict the president before he can be removed form office. There's no fear of the president being removed from office but Articles of Impeachment will divide this country and possibly cause riots in the streets because we are near the boiling point and as of right now,we don't have that Republican leader who will stand up to mob rule. I just hope it doesn't come to that.


born2Bme said...

I feel this is just playing to the tea party. They are almost out of time and options to carrying out their promises to repeal the ACA, so they are giving the tea party what they want and that is to discredit President Obama anyway they can. If the talk stops, the tea party will start taking it out on those very ones making the noise right now.
These people are also starting to think about the next election and the money they need from the tea party wacko's out there.

Mike said...

I concur but Senator Tom Coburn doesn't usually do that. He stands up to his party and for that he was known as a credible legislator.

Then again,I can't figure out Tom Coburn because he warned of a government shutdown in September because we have a fragile economy but then said the battle over the debt limit would be a better

A shutdown is a shutdown.

Mike said...

Dale Zuck said @VA forum:

"No sir. It is the cost. The expense is huge. The estimate has already be determined to be under calculated. Add that to the continual devaluation of the US currency and this grand socialistic plan can not be rationalized as anything but a very bad idea. But, if any proponents of the plan would like to adopt an uninsured families "insurance needs" I will recognize and applaud this benefactor's genuine humanity. (But, I do not think it will be necessary to try to stand out of the way of the stampede of benefactors.”

First it's private insurance companies who are providing insurance so how can that be socialism.

Second, "proponents of the plan would like to adopt an uninsured families "insurance needs"....The insured are already paying an extra $1000 a year because the uninsured costs of the ER are passed on to the uninsured.

Attempts at humor will not bring down the cost curve and neither will the status quo.

How about a credible GOP solution?

BTW "A new Congressional Budget Office report out last week has the healthcare world scratching its head over the possibility that Obamacare might—in part—be responsible for what is being described as a significant slowdown in the growth of healthcare costs in America.

According to the report, hundreds of billions of dollars in federal spending for Medicare and Medicaid are being removed from government projections as federal healthcare spending is now expected to be full 15 percent less than what had been initially budgeted for 2012. The surprisingly low spending projections come as the growth in healthcare spending has hit a new low for the fourth consecutive year.

Devaluation of the currency as compared to what country? We are still ahead of other European and Asian countries as far as recovering from a world financial crisis.

Edith Ann said...

Dale Zuck should read a variety of sources and not just his Ron Paul mailers.

Here's a Forbes' story on those high socialistic insurance companies like Aetna, Kaiser, etc.

Maybe he's just a little grumpy since his business is not up.

Mike said...

I can see reasonable people disagreeing about the success of Obamacare but I have little tolerance for those who sway people away from inquiring about the availability of ACA exchanges. Those people don’t have alternatives or facts to prove what they are saying.

It’s time to grow up ,take out a dictionary of your choice and look up the word “socialism.” It’s no longer working as a scare tactic because when people go on line to sign up for health insurance, all they see is private insurance companies to choose from. I only wish they had a public option for a while at least, to keep the insurance companies from over charging people.

Mike said...

Often people who are not pro-life tell those that are, to adopt those babies that are not aborted and now I see that phrase being used on proponents of ACA,Dale wrote " adopt uninsured families."

Is it appropriate in either case?