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Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting the Truth is Like pulling Teeth

I finally got relief when my molar was pulled but not before I had to endure extreme pain every time the dentist would come to check the numbness of the affected area. The dentist had a knack for finding the nerve that caused the most pain. Afterwards, his assistant gave me a list of do’s and don’ts. Whatever happened to the old pioneer days when the patient was given ½ bottle of whiskey got the tooth pulled and then went out and plowed the back 40?

I got home around 10:30 AM, took my pain pill, turned on the television, and I thought I was going to catch up on the news. I don’t know if it was the pain pill or the sheer boredom of watching the same stories being rehashed that put me to sleep. I know it’s the “dog days of summer” but how many stories can you do on “who will win the Republican presidential primary in 2016?” We’re only eight months into President Obama’s second term!

Every now and then I do hear something that makes me laugh such as Rand Paul saying “There is no greater defender, truly, of minority rights... than myself." I tend to believe Hillary Clinton when she said “Anyone that says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in American elections must not be paying attention.” Rand Paul is a lot like his dad, because they both like to use statistics to try to pull the wool over people’s eyes. In this case he correctly says that more black people voted than whites but then he goes on to say that it proves there’s no racial discrimination. Of course, we no longer have Jim Crow laws but Section 4 (pre clearance) of the Voting Rights Act was largely responsible for that large black turnout, and we all know what the Supreme Court did to that. One only has to look at the recent North Carolina voting laws that were passed if you want to know what voter suppression looks like. Like the snake oil salesman that he is, Rand Paul said “who can be against showing proper ID before you vote?” That’s one of those questions that require more than a yes or no answer and politicians know that.

Usually a political strategist gets away with their exaggerations and half- truths, but that was not the case yesterday when a Republican strategist tried to blame the Democrats of today for the actions of the Jim Crow tactics that were used by southern Democrats of yesteryear. The pundit told the strategist that he could not let him get away with that, and then went on to tell his audience that the two parties have changed sides.

If there was evidence of rampant election fraud, then both parties should sit down and work out a solution; not just GOP legislators and governors trying to enhance their chances of winning. The issue is not just about the voter ID. It's about the cost, what will be accepted, and availability. Voters have already shown proof of who they are, when they registered to vote; it wasn’t a matter of just signing your name. I’m all for a national ID card, but I can just hear the outcry from libertarians by the sheer mention of it. How ironic, conservatives are dead set against regulations unless it has to do with voting and a woman’s right to choose.

Ben Smith, who runs the website ,BuzzFeed, said he took off for a week, turned off all his electronic media devices and then came back to find that he didn’t miss a thing because it’s the same news on a continuous loop.


born2Bme said...

I think it's about time to go to popular vote and do away with all of the then "unneeded" Congressional districts, gerrymandering, etc.. Let people just go to the nearest voting booth and vote.
That also does away with the Blue and Red State BS.
I never thought it was right for every vote not to be equal when it comes to Federal Elections.

Now I read where the GOP doesn't want to have debates on certain networks. I guess they think that is the reason they lost all those times before. I guess they haven't figured out that it's the candidates they keep choosing.

Mike said...

I’m all for making it easier to vote, and more voting booths with easier access is something I can get behind.

Federal elections are a constitutional matter, so I think getting rid of the Electoral College wouldn’t be fair to the GOP…… The country is divided between land mass (GOP) and mass population (Democrats), so the equal representation would not be met, if we just had the popular vote… this country would be ruled the way New York, California, Illinois. Pennsylvania Florida and Texas wanted.

Both parties have abused gerrymandering, so it’s time to get some bipartisan people to draw the congressional districts or do them with a computer. We do need states to have equal representation so, I don’t see how you to do that without congressional districts.

The GOP RNC chairman thought it was a good idea to let talk-show hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin moderate one of their debates. Those three would overshadow the candidates…lol

BTW Even the Electoral College can be manipulated with proportional votes and gerrymandered districts.

Mike said...

It's not President Obama who is keeping this issue alive and who said he was angry or even knows anything about the rodeo clown incident? Unlike Peggy Noonan,Steve Stockman and Steve King,the president has more important things to worry about.

" Steve King @SteveKingIA
Mr. President: Invite the rodeo clown 2 the White House 4 a beer summit. Take the temperature down, have a laugh, relax. It's not about race.

Take the temperature down? lol..The right is making this an issue.

Edith Ann said...

I think it should be run like a beauty pageant. All who want the job put your hat in. Everyone vote. Top vote getter is the President, 1st runner up is VP, and so on. And yes, vote at whatever place is convenient for you.

I'd love to see how a Dem President and a Rep VP (or vice-versa) would work together. Who knows--might be very efficient.

Mike said...

A popularity contest; what could possibly go wrong?…:-)

I would go a little bit further with your “everyone vote” and do as Australia does; no vote….big fine.

Unfortunately, in our type of government the VP has no real power (exception…Dick Cheney) but I get the intent…If only the speaker or minority leader would rise above party politics and work together. In your hypothetical, a VP coming in second place in popular votes would give them him/her a lot of leverage.

You do realize a president would no longer come from a small state because the math would be against them unless you have a 50 state runoff withe winners of each state going head-to-head in a playoff...IMO