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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Morning Rant

There are a lot of people on the right  like Janeal Jackson of Goliad, who would like us to accept the court’s decision in the George Zimmerman trial and move on, but first we need to accept their version of the facts.

Mr. Jackson wrote a letter- to- the- editor titled “Liberals focus on the wrong issues in society” which echoes the sentiments of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and other right-wing conservatives. It’s a message that says that race relations start in the Chicago inner cities which is 1800 miles away from Sanford, Florida. That way the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested until 44 days after he killed Trayvon and the previous racial tensions in Sanford won’t ever be discussed. It’s a standoff, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will always be activists and conservative pundits will take the other side. Who are we fooling?

The letter writer says that our president is the biggest race problem that we have today. So, voter suppression laws, hateful rhetoric, misinformation and self-righteous attitudes are not a problem!

The president spoke after the shootings in Aurora, Tucson, and Newtown but he’s supposed to remain silent after the news of the killing of an unarmed black kid made the national news! I hope that I continue to live in a country when we take notice, anytime an unarmed teen ager gets killed by an armed adult.I don't want it swept under the rug.

Education is indeed a big problem but it had nothing to do with the killing of Trayvon Martin. Why isn’t income inequality ever mentioned as a problem by the right?

The Congressional Black caucus spent two days in Chicago last week discussing the gang problem but only CNN, NPR and MSNBC covered it.

I like it when conservatives preach education, reducing crime and using the military to crack some heads but continue to slash money for teachers, police, and programs to feed and teach the young students. Remember when they said that sequester cuts wouldn’t hurt anything? How are we going to pay for the military troops Jackson wants to use?

I’m a proud liberal, who likes the fact that my party stands on the side of marriage equality, a woman’s right to choose, and a comprehensive immigration bill that will benefit our national economy. I will never see how tax cuts for the rich will ever help the middle class.

I would like for Mr. Jackson to produce one document that shows that terrorists are entering this country every day.

Talking points are supposed to be used for a gotcha moment or when the facts don’t fit your rhetoric but in the case of Mr. Jackson and others of his ilk; it’s all they have.

It’s funny, after losing the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, people like Jackson still thinks his views are the majority. The president received 5 million more votes than Romney and congressional Democrats received a million more votes than the GOP, so don’t let the Gerrymandered election results fool you Mr. Jackson .We have 50 states in the union.


born2Bme said...

You can't fix stupid. All of those people have GOP 3-D glasses on. They don't know how to look at the broader picture.
Zimmerman's acquittal was what the law demanded, but the law is flawed. That's where the problem lies. It needs to be reworked and better defined. Clauses need to be added to define what blame the instigator has.

Mike said...

It's as if they live in a bubble and Texas is the only state in the union.

This writer doesn't know how much the black community wanted the president to make some remarks because he's only looking at it from his filtered world.

You're right because so many say that GZ did not use the Stand your Ground defense not knowing the language in the law was based on the Stand Your Ground law in Florida...Why don't they know that? It's because they want one network and listen to AM radio.

Edith Ann said...

To hear the right describe it, Chicago is supposed to be the center of the evil universe. How ironic that ALEC would choose Chicago for their annual conclave, which by the way is causing great absences in the latest special session of the Texas Lege.

I don't think folks in Texas should be able to discuss educational deficiencies unless they start with blaming Rick Perry!

And Ol' Roy must have run out of his meds. He's just copying and pasting comments, and blathering on. If he mentions this comment in rambling on the VA, it will indicate that he agrees that he is just a big stinky turd. (so copy it in its entirety, Roy, because I'll fill in the missing pieces and provide a link.)

Mike said...

This fella Jackson seems to think if the country would follow his Christian principals things would be hunky-dory.

Jackson just threw some things in a pot of self-righteous stew thinking everyone would like it....I bet he's a straight line voting Republican who thinks Rick Perry is a genius.

Edith Ann said...

He's from Goliad; of course he votes straight party ticket!

born2Bme said...

No one can kill interest in a topic like Ol'Roy can. I see a large paragraph, then see his name and think to myself...skip it, because I've read it many times before. If he couldn't C&P, he'd have nothing to say.

Mike said...

He'll always be a RW Republican troll.

Yes,cut and paste but from selected scources and they are often outdated.

Yes it's the same old song and dance.

Mike said...

Hey,born,you've been called out by a troll who was booted off the VA forum using multiple handles and now has the audacity to try and take the high road for using his real name.

Talk about setting day the forum lit up exposing the troll using 7 different alias at the same time to make it look like others were agreeing with his warped point of view.

The troll tried his hand at blogging with a personal blog but like his posts,no one was interested ,so he quit.

The troll is now playing the victim card but experienced bloggers know he has called you out
way before yesterday"s post.

Truth is,you are getting under his skin because he can't get you to engage in his sick troll game.

born2Bme said...

He thinks I'm going to come running to defend myself. I don't need to defend myself.
In Paula Dean's words, "I is what I is"

born2Bme said...

LOL Just went to "skim" over that novel-length rant.

Like I said, it's all been said before, again and again and again, and then some more.

What I don't understand is why he thinks anyone gives a damned about someone that doesn't post there anymore.

Roy, no one cares and posting that kind of stuff makes you look senile.

Edith Ann said...

I just read his last post! LOl! OMGosh, but Roy is a hoot and a half!

Thanks for taking the heat, Born! :)

born2Bme said...

What heat??

I think it's comical.
Let the old man rant and rave. It might be the only way he gets his jollies.

Edith Ann said...

LOL! Exactly!

BIGJ said...

I smell another letter coming. Stay tune.