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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where are we as a people?

August 7,2011

I'm probably in the mushy middle on the death penalty because it won't deter the criminals. I will more readily accept the verdict of guilty with positive DNA evidence.  Having said that, I won't actively protest the death panel nor will I applaud it. I know it makes me a bleeding heart liberal but I don't believe we need to execute the mentally ill or minors; even though they commit crimes that might warrant it.  I will also admit that I might be singing a different tune if one of my loved ones were the victim of a hideous crime.

Last Night,NBC’s Brian Williams began a question to Rick Perry, the Texas governor, this way: “Your state has executed two hundred and thirty-four death-row inmates, more than any other governor in modern times.” Before Williams could continue with the question, the audience at the Reagan Library broke into raucous cheers, perhaps the loudest ovation of the night. As evidenced by
 the video I provided.

I know it's normal for wanting justice to prevail and to send a message that we will not tolerate capital murder but do you think it's appropriate for Californian’s to stand up and applaud for executions that were carried out in Texas? They don't know a thing about those executions.I believe we had a couple of cases that were controversial but we went ahead with the execution.

It might've been necessary to execute 234 people as the governor is proud to say, but he doesn’t  really represent me because I'm not proud of that record.  I don't judge the pro-death penalty people but I do think it's odd if they stand up and cheer as if it's a sporting event.

I guess when the audience applauded it stunned me ,like the time Congressman Joe Wilson blurted out to the president " You lie" at the State of the Union.
From Dick Cheney's book

You know how all republicans say that President Obama should listen to his commanders in the field...  Not so when, Dick Cheney was secretary of defense.  Dick Cheney deliberately kept Colin Powell from leading the charge against Saddam Hussein when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Colin Powell wasn't tough enough in Cheney's eyes because he cited several polls of Americans not being on board.  Cheney thought public sentiment should never be considered because he knew best.  Dick Cheney did not have any tolerance for skeptics or those with a different opinion.

I on page 200 and Dick Cheney has already fired two military commanders.


Kyle said...

It will be a slow death for the GOP if they nominate Perry.

Edith Ann said...

I personally am for the death penalty. But the theory of it has gotten screwed up by the folks trying to apply it.

I was very disturbed by the applause.

I was very disturbed that Rick Perry stance on gun control was to use both hands.

What a skank!

But I am still waiting to Michelle Bachmann to rip him a new one!

Mike said...

If Perry is the GOP nominee and he loses taking with him many Tea Party house and senate candidates,it will be the end of the Tea Party...The GOP will go back to what it was before.

Mike said...

Did anyone watch Bachmann's news conference last night? The one where reporters were not allowed to ask question.

Edith Ann said...

I missed it, but I plan to find it somewhere!

I love how she said President Obama insulted our legislators by calling the whole thing a circus!

What a skank! She just pissed because she was so minimized at the 'debate' thingy.

Mike said...

The president was right, Congress has a 13% approval and for the first time ever 54% said they are willing to throw all the bums out... They're usually OK with their congressman.

Michelle Bachmann doesn't have any room to talk because she said of Obama "“I’m very concerned that he may have anti-American views,” said Bachmann. “That’s what the American people are concerned about.”

She then went further, suggesting that all liberal views — held by people such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, professors, and all Americans who identify themselves as “liberals” — are “anti-American.” When host Chris Matthews, stunned by her remarks, asked Bachmann how many people in Congress hold anti-American views, she responded, “You’ll have to ask them.” “I think people would love to see an exposé like that,”

Mike said...

Oh come on Chris Wallace

Fox News' Chris Wallace accused NBC's Brian Williams of having a liberal bias on Friday's "Fox and Friends."

Williams drew a lot of attention at Wednesday's GOP debate for asking Texas Gov. Rick Perry if he ever "struggled to sleep at night" wondering if he had ever executed an innocent person in his state. (Perry said he hadn't, and the audience rewarded him with loud applause.)

On the "O'Reilly Factor," Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg criticized Williams for the question, saying that an analogous query would never have been made about abortion to a Democrat. On "Fox and Friends," Wallace said he thought Goldberg was spot on.

He's got a right to his opinion but come on,"there is no whining in politics."