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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just some Saturday thoughts


I don't know whether we will ever get to the point where we can discuss a subject, offer a different opinion and proceed from there. I think we get to a point where if you change your mind, or if you vary slightly from your position, you have a chance of being called a hypocrite. I think if we stick to the subject matter and accept the fact that there's more than one way at looking at a topic, we would get to a point where everyone gets input, but we don't get clear cut winners. We need to treat our discussions like a business meeting, where we know the boundaries and the opposing opinion before the meeting starts. Then again, we've all been too boring unproductive meetings, so I guess we'll continue to play-it-by ear and let the chips fall where they may.

Recently, Michelle Bachmann brought up a topic I thought was a dead subject. She brought up the unsuccessful attempt by Governor Rick Perry to force young girls to be injected with the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. This one issue has several branches of discussion. They are as follows:

1. The use of an executive order for social conservatives and libertarians; it was about the executive order
2. Michelle Bachmann said a woman said the vaccine caused her child to develop mental retardation.... We could branch out by saying that a politician should not spread hearsay. According to what I have read, the vaccine works. Her statement might have scared away people who were on the fence.
3. I would like to know if there were any kickbacks from Merck to Rick Perry's campaign.

It's the same way with religious arguments where the Christian can't use scripture as evidence, because his opponent will not accept it. The two might agree on historical grounds, but that's about it. People who like to skirt around the edges should not get into political arguments because then it leads to parroting talking points. A good example of that is the voter ID subject I barely mentioned in my VA blog, but it attracted those they were offended that I called it for what it is. My opponents never did produce documented proof of voter fraud. Their argument for a preemptive strike was noticeable. We both knew the reasons behind a voter ID law, but my opponents were satisfied throwing up smoke screens like proactive measures and following the law. It's the same people that don't normally like proactive government measures being discussed. One poster thought it was a tragedy that someone from the government would even mention that eating Twinkies might be unhealthy.

I think most of us are hybrids, where we all can gripe about government intrusion, but most of us have a stopping point. The ideologues take it to the next level. We probably all gripe about the misuse of the emergency rooms, but only a few of us would take it to the next level by kicking out all the uninsured. That's the only reason I support the individual mandate for now. I'm willing to listen to the constitutional arguments, where I could be proven wrong, but until then, it’s the only option because unless the insurance companies get the additional 31,000 customers, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will not be cost effective.

I was called out for making a plea or not accepting personal stories. The poster never got clarification; therefore, he went with his assumption. My first option was to ignore the poster, but then his allegations would be taking for truth, by those that do not know me. I then thought, if I supplied him with some truth, it would vindicate me in his eyes, and he would  just go way. No such luck, he came up with new charges, but he never did dispute the content of the blog. I just take it for granted that people know when personal stories are important and when it's just another point that cannot be verified. One poster admitted that they aren't interested in stats. If that's the case, what's the point of discussion? I guess we could continue in a backyard gossip manner. I'm not comfortable in that format.

I guess it just boils down to the personality of the poster. There are some that like to troll and create mischief, others like to vent, while others just like to type words on their computer and see them magically appear on the forum. I was wrong about the lighthearted atmosphere at the VA, because it was just the calm before the storm.


Legion said...

The voter ID law seems unnecessary to me, it's sorta kinda already being done.

Every time I go to vote at the old VHS campus I either show them my voter registration card or my DL and they check my name on the voter roll as "voted". I can't vote again.

I guess in a larger precinct with 1000's of people voting, someone could gather up a bunch of other peoples VR or IDs cards and vote more than once, it would still be one vote per person tho, kinda like they gave the person their proxy to vote for them.

I thought if a person didn't have a VR card, wasn't on the voter roll, their vote was counted as provisional upon verification. With all the talk about the ID law maybe I'm wrong.

Mike said...


I have a friend who served 6 months in the county jail for voter fraud. All he did was did suppy his coworkers ballots,so they could get their friends and relatives to fill them out voting for my friends BUT my friend piked up the filled- in ballots and hand delivered them...My friend's picture made the front page of the VA but I never asked him for the details..I didn't want to know.....With voting at around 50% at the highest (presidential contest) I don't think people are that brave because they don't get a monatary reward for voting...It's all a hope that the candidate will win....I stil think the paperless electronic voting machine would be the better choice for voter fraud...About a couple of months ago an election official had the vote tabulations on her personal computer via flash drive transfer...A clear violation.

Mike said...

I left out some details.

My friend lived in another county and the official with the voting data on her laptop was from Wisconsin.

Legion said...

I guess your friend was not a election official and they accused the friend of running a unauthorized precinct? Or maybe they were mail in ballots that were not mailed?

Some kind of obscure law.

The laptop thing, well yeah, wouldn't that be the same, as in the old days,a ballot box going missing for awhile?

Rebecca said...

I am the type of poster that likes to type just to see my words appear. Seriously.

I wish people could be more human in their online discussions. When they are wrong, I wish they could just admit it. When they exaggerate or get over passionate about a topic, I wish they could laugh at themselves and chalk it up to being human.

I guess I wish people could just have fun and see online conversations for what they are, nothing more and nothing more.


Edith Ann said...

I have been in conversation with a toddler since Friday night. All I can contribute at this point is, 'they are all morons'. Just apply that comment to any situation, and you will see that it usually fits.

Mike said...


I bet you like to have serious discussions about educations ,with other well informed posters. You had some serious well stated points about parenting in my "corporal punishment" blog. You also take some good jabs at the fundamentalist every now and then.

You do have knack of lightening a conversation with your well intended humor.

I saw Siub do a mea culpa the other day;we will have to see if it comes back to bite him. When someone makes a mistake and laughs about it,we should accept it ,and not use it against them in the future.

Let me make a couple of points:

1. We have a lot of  hateful posters who would  like nothing better than to  dominate the forum.
2. I think the blogs should be categorized  but open to everyone...i.e I would like to write a blog to contradict what Alton wrote about Social Security ,but I think that would be rude.I guess I could post to his blog but he never responds.  Alton and I don't agree on much,so it would seem like I'm just waiting for him to post ,so I have something to I had posters do that to me. 
3. We could have a category for " nothing more and nothing more."

BTW I followed a blind woman (no pun intended who was being led by her dog up the church steps.. The dog wasn't that happy walking and taking orders like turn left,stand, proceed, etc.....All the dogs we've had would had been patting,sniffing,barking,and waging their tails but this dog was disciplined. I thought it was real neat.

Mike said...


You are fortunate,your viewers understand your view points but if you  blogged on the VA,you would have to write about "lollipops and unicorns " or be subjected to the insults.

I working on a blog that I will submit to the VA that will not be taken as intended.

I may get frustrated and scrap it ..A hint: the title would be something like this " If only John McCain would have been elected president" to a theme of what would have McCain done?......I don't complain one iota when they blame Obama for every thing, but now I will turn the tables on them..........I still can't get over itisi saying "I read all your blogs and comments" and then comes back and tells me how wrong I am...I don't understand those people,click on another blog or comment and quit wasting your time on me. It's like I have this Fox News ,Fair and Balance,format I have to follow. He qualifies his statement  by saying that Rick Perry is a liberal because of the in-state tuition that was passed by a GOP legislation in 2001!...He believes that because he is an ultra right wing conservative.....Here I go name-calling an hour and a half after
That's an extra Hail Mary next time...:-)

Edith Ann said...


There is not enough chocolate or money in the world to make me even think I would want to blog at the Advocate! I couldn't tolerate the three idiots who want to dominate the forum, and I would have to watch what I wrote, lest I offend the host. But, to be truthful--any post I make on UHV usually brings out the best in radiobabe and Surffree. They are always reading something into my comments.

I would take on itisi, rollingstone and that other numbnut, but you do such a good job on them, I'd just be repeating what you already wrote.

I agree with you about Rebecca--just when it's all going south, she'll post something and make folks smile. Rebecca--you have a delightful, playful wit and we don't see enough of you on the forum. Granted, the pickings are slim most days.

Let me say something about the mood of a few posters on the VA. Do you ever recall any other time when folks were so nasty? I do. They are angry, most always about things they have no control over, and they find a way to express it. Thanks to the internet, blogs and forums, they are given a platform. And the written word is pretty much there forever. Especially with cyberspace. I really view these guys are unhappy folks who do not know how to vent their frustrations approppriately. But, you already knew that. I just needed to say it!

Mike said...


I see your point and yes people are angry. I am watching a recoded Fox News Sunday and now I'm angry. Paul Ryan thinks he has the answers ,but forgot he was and is part of the problem.

You know politicians are programmed to give their talking points,no matter what the question...Republican's are accusing Obama of crony

Btw, Today's Chronical did another hit piece on Perry today on his misuse of travel money.

Edith Ann said...

I love the whole Perry travel stuff! Did you see Juanita Jean's blog about Chuck Norris and Rick Perry? This is stuff that needs to be addressed, no doubt about it. Public records are just that--public! I don't care who you are!

Edith Ann said...

By the way--love your Texastrivia blog! Folks never know enough about our state!